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Corn flour, properties and use

What is corn flour used for?? Corn flour is one valid alternative to wheat and wheat flour for those who suffer from celiac disease and it is the main ingredient of some typical Italian preparations, like polenta. Let’s go together to discover then everything benefits (and contraindications) of corn flour and his kitchen use.

Nutrient-rich gluten-free cornmeal

Yes, corn is naturally gluten free. Precisely for this reason it is a valid choice for all those who suffer from celiac diseaseand who it is for gluten sensitive. In addition, cornmeal can be introduced into the diet during avoid abdominal bloating and facilitate digestion since it is rich in fiber. Without forgetting that it is also rich in minerals and vitamins, in short, a real panacea for health. But be careful, it is important to remember that the glycemic index of corn is quite high. It is precisely for this reason that it is a flour that must be consumed in small quantities both in the case of Type 2 diabetes just in case you want pay attention to the line.

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Corn flour, traditional recipes

Among the best recipes with corn flouryou should probably remember a few traditional preparations of our country, the polenta in the first place. The polenta can be reached with the yellow cornmeal of traditional mold but also with the cornmeal craved. It’s about a coarse flourwhich is ideal for those looking for one polenta with a particularly intense taste. If you want to get one instead very soft polenta with an extremely delicate tasteyou have to choose the flour sheetactually corn flour very good. The white corn flour Finally, it is ideal for preparing the Venetian polenta.

Regardless type of corn flour choice, here is how to proceed for the preparation of polenta. Pour two liters of water into a thick-bottomed pot, preferably steel. When the water is about to boil, pour 500 grams of flour to rain and immediately start a mix with a wooden spoon. Keep stirring and keep the heat high until the polenta comes to a boil. At this point, you can reduce the heat to a minimum. The polenta must cook for about 50 minutes and you will necessarily have to continue stirring, only in this way will you prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. There are also specials on the market electric polenta potswho independently mix the polenta while you devote yourself to other preparations.

Once this time has elapsed, you must return the pot to a wooden cutting board. The polenta is ready to be seasoned as you like. You can prepare the four cheese polentawith the game stewwith Mushroom sauce or you can prepare the Fried polentaa really tasty appetizer.

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Corn flour desserts

For the realization of the corn flour cookieswe recommend that you buy the variety foil and mix it with rice flour. The ideal ratio is about 160 grams of corn flour to 200 grams of rice flour. With that flour mix you can make one shortcrust pastry ideal for celiacs and for those who want to be careful about the amount of gluten in their diet.

Not just cookies, the In fact, corn flour is also perfect for desserts and cakes.. try replace wheat flour with corn flour in each sweet preparation and you will see that you will succeed get really amazing cakes. There are also many typical Italian confectionery preparations that involve the use of corn, such asAmor Polenta. It’s a typical dessert from Varese which thanks to the use of corn flour takes on a inviting golden color and a scent that immediately makes make mouth water. Another typical polenta-based dessert is El Tressian from Verona. It is a dessert that involves the use of many ingredients fairly strong flavor, including pine nuts, walnuts, raisins, apples and candied fruits. Precisely for this reason it is an ideal cake to be accompanied by a good glass of red wine.

cornmeal bread

You can prepare the cornmeal bread? Yes, but not with cornmeal alone. In fact, the risk is that the bread is really very hard, practically inedible. If you don’t have celiac disease, you can simply add a little flour 00 with corn flour. If, on the other hand, you suffer from celiac disease, we advise you to choose one specially formulated flour or add one pulse or rice flour with corn flour. The same considerations also apply to the preparation of pizza. The corn flour pizzaif duly added to another flour, it achieves a savory and intense flavor.


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