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Creamy chicory and sausage lasagna: the recipe

Family union, conviviality and joy have only one scent, this irresistible flavor of lasagna.

Whether it’s a lunch between grandparents and grandchildren, one having dinner between friends or a meeting of parents, the lasagna are always protagonists.

those with ragu and bechamel, but they are also very good in many other ways. Among these, they stand out for their imagination and strong flavors chicory and sausage lasagna.

In this case, the thin sheet of pasta that is the basis of the lasagna is accompanied by a vegetable with a strong taste and processed pork, compacted and flavored in splendid sausages.

To combine these wonderful flavors, they must be combined with radicchio and sausage lasagna some fundamental elements of this traditional Italian dish: béchamel and cheese.

In addition to delicious ingredients, to prepare the radicchio and sausage lasagna it will take patience and happiness.

The result is excellent, but the Preparation is long, even if it is not tiring. And yet you have to face it with the same good-natured smile of the women of Romagna, who are the mothers of this delicacy.

Lasagna, from the Romans to today

Lasagna is a very famous dish in the Italian culinary tradition.

It seems that already I Romans had to do with this food: sheets of pasta alternating with layers of meat stuffing.

As it indicates Braidsthe word actually derives from lasanumthe name of a container which is also reflected in the ancient greek language (laganon).

The lasagnagiven their particularity, they have also given life to other terms: the lasagnolo, for example, is the rolling pin with which one smooths the lasagna.

This fundamental instrument was represented for the first time at the end Five hundred in a cookbook.

This is in fact the period during which the lasagna Bolognese they reach the pinnacle of their success.

In fact, overcoming the culinary tradition of the Neapolitans. The latter wanted a leavened dough, and not an egg, but we owe it to the union of lasagna with tomato.

In modern times, however, where everything is experienced, new combinations have also been found for lasagna.

Which, it is now well established, are also very good white, with only bechamel to bind the other ingredients. For example the radicchio and sausage.

Sausage and fantasy

The sausage it is a simple minced pork mixed with spices, salt and, in some regions, vinegar.

It’s a bagged very tasty, already very appreciated by Romanswho seem to have adopted it from the Lucanians.

It is produced in many regions of Italyso much so that there is a special ministerial list that lists those recognized as traditional.

We are passing sausage liver Abruzzo to those who have fennel from Basilicata, Calabria and Sardinia; from sausage of Boar from the Marches to the al Formentino from Piedmont.

For the lasagna, radicchio and sausage, you will need to choose a new one. Maybe a sausage well peppered and flavorful pork, not just a salami. For the lasagna to take all the rustic flavor of this excellent sausage.

Radicchio, Italian pride

Radicchio, a wild chicory, is an excellent winter vegetable. It is known as a large purple bud, but there are also white varieties.

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It is an Italian pride because there are several in northern Italy variety of PGIas the radish red from Treviso or the variegated one from Castelfranco.

For the recipe radicchio and sausage lasagna, the first is ideal. With its long leaves and typically bitter taste, this radish blends perfectly with the pronounced taste of sausage.

But rest assured: the béchamel and cheeses will sweeten the main ingredients of this innovative traditional dish.

red radish


  1. After laying out four sheets of fresh, wide lasagne, béchamel, sliced ​​cheese and parmesan on the table, proceed to prepare the main ingredients that will fill the lasagne.
  2. Cut the sausage into small pieces and cook in a large skillet. Once cooked, remove it from the heat and save the oil it has produced.
  3. Cook the sliced ​​onions in the same pan as the sausage. Brown and soften, if necessary, with a little water. Add the sliced ​​radicchio to the onion, a little salt and cook over medium heat for a few minutes.
  4. Once the radicchio has dried, you can begin the actual preparation of the lasagna. First, spread a ladle or bechamel sauce on the bottom of a frying pan for four. Then cool the sausage and the radicchio to add them to the béchamel without consequences.
  5. Put the first sheet of lasagna on the bechamel state and cover it with the bechamel, flavored with the presence of sausage and radicchio. Then add the sliced ​​cheese and a tablespoon of parmesan. Continue with the same layering procedure until you finish the lasagna. On the last layer, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, then put in a preheated convection oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes and serve after letting it rest for a while.

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