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Dating, Nannicini’s recipes for the territory and Italy [notiziediprato.it]

20.09.2022 22:35 comments

Dating, Nannicini’s recipes for the territory and Italy

The center-left candidate is running for the single-member constituency of the Chamber of Prato, Pistoia and Mugello: “Our political proposal is based on four pillars: dignity of work, environment, rights and strong and healthy companies”

Our policy proposal is based on four pillars: the dignity of work, the environment, rights and strong and healthy businesses. These questions come up often in the numerous meetings that I am leading in this month and a half of the electoral campaign in the colleges of Prato, Pistoia and Mugello. The number one political action today is to save entrepreneurs, traders and craftsmen from expensive energy, giving them and Italian families the certainty that for the next nine months the increases in bills will be covered by the state. We need to raise wages and pensions, not lower taxes for the wealthy. We need to invest in job security and lifelong learning, including supporting training companies’ costs to help them find workers. We cannot entrust our future to those who overthrew the Draghi government in such a dramatic moment and deny the climate crisis that threatens our lives. For this reason, alongside blocking expensive bills, it is important to promote self-production, energy communities, recycling and price control in the markets. Our young people and young people are right to expect a future without fossil fuels and from all the unsustainable practices that cause ever more unpredictable and heavy damage in Italy and in the world.
The territory
Globalization is changing and our neighborhoods have a unique opportunity to play this new game as protagonists, returning to create jobs and wealth in the region. But there can be no improvisation. Who will represent this college will have to join forces with mayors and administrators to create new infrastructures (energy, water, digital, sustainable mobility) and help our neighborhoods. And it will have to support the third sector and volunteerism.
Third sector
We must fully implement and improve the law on the third sector by drawing lessons from the good experiences of our territory and put an end to calls for tenders which under-remunerate the work of associations and social cooperatives. The third sector produces 5% of Italian GDP and employs more than a million people, with increasingly specific, innovative and highly professional services. It is the cement that unites people, weaknesses and territories. We Tuscans know this well because here the third sector is a pillar of society. Can we really expect to have high levels of assistance and social innovation with wages that barely exceed the threshold of bad work and are often below this threshold? Politics and institutions at central and local level can and must do more to remedy this situation, they must demand the highest quality but offer adequate recognition to the added value and professionalism of the Third Sector. Giving strength to those who build social cohesion in the country every day is a way of implementing the idea so dear to Don Milani of “getting through this together”.

This election campaign gave me the opportunity to also talk about sport and rights, sport and health, sport and social cohesion in our territories. We have clear ideas. We want sport in the Constitution. In schools, open to communities all day and all year round. In the recipes of our doctors, who must be able to prescribe it to promote the culture of movement. In our local communities, with strong investments in sports equipment.
Call to vote
In our college, September 25 will be a ballot. Either the right wins or our centre-left coalition wins. The result will be on the razor’s edge, every vote counts. Only we, with our mayors, administrators and political community, can secure a future that holds together environment and infrastructure, business growth and the dignity of work, social and civil rights. On the other hand, there is the worst right of the post-war period. In Europe, they vote with Orban against the interests of Italy. And here they are ready to complete the work of 2011, bankrupt the country, burn savings and jobs. Now is not the time to jump in the dark. We choose the future, we choose to get out of it together.

(article from the Commercial Office – Client: Giovanni Lattanzi)

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20.09.2022 22:35

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