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Days of innovation, digitization and sustainability: Veneto’s recipe for overcoming the crisis

The recovery has already taken place. And if, even on the horizon, there are still clouds, the economy, which continues to drive Veneto, focuses on innovation, digitalization and sustainability. The keys to economic development explained in the third edition of the Sole 24 Ore Veneto Innovation Days, an initiative promoted in collaboration with Confindustria Venezia, Banca Ifis and Tim Main Partner; Audi, Cortellazzo & Soatto, Matrix42, Nfon and Seeweb Event Partner. And Cassa Depositi e Prestiti institutional partner.

There was a recovery

“The country has restarted thanks to the manufacturing industry which represents the backbone and the force of impact – announced the director of Il Sole 24 ore Fabio Tamburini opening the works of the Innovation Days -. Lately we have had other problems related to the war in Ukraine, inflation, the cost of energy”. And if tourism has restarted and the results are already visible, in this scenario the recovery must “be overtaken by all these negative circumstances that must be listened to every day”. Then a passage also on Sole 24 ore which in recent years has reached the waterline “and is ready to obtain great market satisfaction”. And campaigns, such as energy and bills. Looking at the data relating to investments, there is also an exhortation to exploit the opportunity of the PNR since in Veneto only 13% of companies have decided to take advantage of it.

The focus is on transition

Simone Venturini, Councilor for Economic Development of the Municipality of Venice, recalled the importance of the transition and therefore of the opportunities offered by these stages, who stressed that even “big industry and processes considered difficult are converting and giving a response to the energy world”. A journey that is worth, in terms of investments, as Vincenzo Marinese, president of the Metropolitan Confindustria of Venice and Rovigo, pointed out, four billion euros. “We have the world’s first traditional refinery converted into a biorefinery. Frying oil turns into odorless and colorless gas oil”. Not only that, in this scenario, it then also becomes to look at the perspective: “I am very worried about an item, we continue to manage the present but we do not persevere to plan for the future. I wouldn’t want to just focus on the energy issue like covid has done. The industrial problem is solved with something else, not just with bills and energy costs. We need to sit down with our stakeholders and plan for the future in which there is innovation, aggregation and where less bureaucracy is needed”. Then there is another aspect, underlined by Enrico Carraro, president of Confindustria Veneto, which concerns the fact that “there are companies in crisis that cannot find collaborators”. And then that of the birth rate which risks leaving the companies of the future without workers. Andrea Berna, Commercial Director for Italy Banca Ifis, looking positively at investments in innovation, and despite the fear of the impact on businesses by entrepreneurs due to the still unresolved critical issues, underlined how “in this regarding investments in innovation and digital technology and we are ahead of the rest of Italy”. Research is also part of this game, as Alessandra Bolognin, general manager of the Vega science and technology park in Venice, and Paolo Fortuna point out. managing director of Nfon Italy, a group present in several European countries with headquarters in Monaco listed on the stock exchange.”When we started in 2019, the pandemic was not there, Italy was late and had a series of resistance and industries that were treating the cloud issue with caution. Today Italy represents one of the points with the greatest potential”.

Digitization and sustainable growth

Sustainability and sustainable growth go hand in hand with digitization. This is one of the objectives put forward by Rocco Inca Country manager for Italy Matrix42. “Technology should not be a cost but an investment – he said -. Where the user is satisfied and productive, there is a double growth”. Here training becomes fundamental, as has Underlined Andrea Mazzon, Head of Business Development at We-go: “To do digital transformation well, you need the mix between technology and business, companies often lack competence.” How important is the digitization of channels also in other less virtual sectors, such as catering, pointed out Giulia Poutine, responsible for Serenissima catering, a company that in 2021 achieved a turnover of 400 million euros, with 14 companies partners present between Italy and the rest of Europe around 250,000 meals a day.

The road to sustainability

From process control to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, through manufacturing and investments. The road to sustainability goes through digitalization, which also plays an important role in the energy transition. Even Michele Viglianisi, president of the large industry committee of Confindustria Venice in the metropolitan area, knows how important the energy transition is, according to whom “we must turn to a secure energy model that generates long-term value. Sustainability must be combined in the three environmental, social and economic directives. No less important, in this scenario, is the financial aspect which among the elements of evaluation of the projects puts precisely that related to sustainability. And so, as Marco Pessione, Business Relations Manager for CDP Northern companies, points out, the fact that in the study phase of an investment project we are interested in “coherence and priority”, the economic, social and environmental impact, complexity and strategic importance . And then a theme to solve: “Sustainability has grown – he says – but there is a theme of non-uniformity in evaluations and certifications”. Sustainability and environmental impact are the watchword followed by Mart Biotech which aims for the non-ecotoxic fourth generation biopolymer used for various applications, as explained by the general manager Stefano Dessì.

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