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Dear bills and elections 2022, the recipe of Italia Solare

Solar Italy he writes to the parties and proposes a recipe against the dear bills: act with structural interventions instead of stopping emergencies, delaying the problem.

Paolo Rocco Viscontini, President of Italia Solare
An accelerated development of photovoltaics is not only a question of respecting European objectives, but above all of the survival of businesses and the economic stability of families.

First of all, it is necessary to reinforce measures for the massive use of the roofs of buildings with photovoltaic modules and to favor the maximum diffusion of self-consumption and renewable energy communities.

For these purposes, Italia Solare believes that a tax credit in favor of companies could give an important impetus to accelerate the installations of photovoltaic systems, even with electrochemical storage systems. Given companies’ growing liquidity difficulties, an ad hoc State guarantee is necessary for banks to cover 100% of power plant financing. The association also asks to immediately publish rules for the agricultural sector, which has a potential of several GW that can be achieved by integrating energy production and agricultural production.

Residential and deductions

For residential installations, on the other hand, the existing reduction must be increased by 50% over 10 years, bringing the reduction to 65% by reducing the period of redistribution of the reductions to 5 years.

It is also essential to implement an extraordinary plan to reinforce the networks, in particular distribution, according to the location of the appropriate areas which will be identified, hopefully very soon, by the regions, to ensure adequate electricity infrastructures for the inevitable and urgent growth in production. storage, transport and use of electricity.
From a regulatory point of view Solar Italy considers it essential to have a clear picture of the authorization procedures, which still present too many doubts of interpretation. In addition, it is necessary to quickly publish the decrees and implementing measures of Legislative Decree 199/2021 on renewable sources to allow their full development and Legislative Decree 210/2021 on the electricity market to allow it to be fully operational.

Paolo Rocco Viscontini
The economic usefulness of photovoltaics is an established fact for anyone who has a photovoltaic system on the roof of their home or business, or who participates in energy communities. These subjects, in fact, immediately benefit from the availability of energy at low and stable costs, especially when they are self-consumed. For this reason, any type of useful intervention to support self-consumption, both for families and for businesses, is increasingly urgent. At the same time, agrivoltaic power plants and large and medium ground-mounted power plants are essential to reduce the energy expenditure of consumers in general, as well as to achieve the objectives of the energy transition.

… The government should launch an extensive communication and awareness campaign for the benefit of families and businesses, which highlights the economic advantages of photovoltaics, both in self-consumption and energy communities, and in factories that inject electricity. energy produced in the electrical network.

Expensive invoices – targeted and consistent measures

Italia Solare also stresses the need to put an immediate end to sudden, disjointed, retroactive and sometimes dubious rules of constitutionality. This category includes the rule on income from renewable energy installations, article 15-bis of Legislative Decree 4/2022, whose period of application has even been extended by Legislative Decree 125/2022 until June 2023, of which deletion is requested.

Italia Solare proposes to collect resources from extra-profits in a fairer way, affecting all sectors, and more efficiently, given that the fossil energy supply currently in force does not ensure the expected income.

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