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Dear bills? At the Casa del Vino della Vallagarina you can dine by candlelight

Pfuries of gas, light, gasoline up to the stars. Double-digit inflation eating away at salaries and savings accumulated after so many sacrifices. And in the background the specter of the austerity of the seventies of the last century. Moral of the story: “we’re in linen pants” to use a Venetian expression that gives a good idea. A kind of punishment that in Padua was given to bankrupt creditors who were stripped of their clothes and once they had nothing but their underpants they had to fight four times in the back on the “Pietra del Vituperio ” by pronouncing four times the sentence: “I return my property”. Subsequently, they were ostracized and condemned to exile. Today, with the dramatic crisis in progress, what humiliation will suffer traders, restaurateurs, hoteliers, independents, but also individuals who have seen their bills increased tenfold? Luca Bini from the Vallagarina di Isera Wine House (Tn) offers three courses according to seasonality at a price of 25 euros, water and wine included.

The Wine House of Vallagarina d’Isera (Tn)

To save on billing costs

In Trentino, the volcanic Luca Bini, tutelary deity of the Casa del Vino di Isera, successfully launched the idea of ​​a candlelit dinner in order to save on bills without penalizing customers. The formula, proposed by Luca Bini with his wife Diletta, aims to satisfy the needs of everyone, from the guest to those involved in the catering without neglecting the suppliers of raw materials, at a time when the effects of expensive bills are felt more and more in all sectors.

The good life

The Bill Dinner

“I called it dinner invoice – explains Luca Bini – because, given the soaring electricity and gas prices in the billas they say, we are all over“. The proposal includes, every Tuesday evening, a candlelit dinner at Casa del Vino in Isera, with a menu based on seasonality and with raw materials from the green sector.

The dear energy hit everyone

The cost of energy, which has risen sharply in recent months, affects, as mentioned, both individuals and families and businesses that are often forced to make drastic choices: reduce consumption, limit expenses, recalibrate budgets to arrive at the end of the month. The onerous bill hit everyone, indiscriminately, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social and relational point of view forcing many citizens to change habits and behaviors consolidated over time but now called into question. “In times of sacrifices and sacrifices, I understand very well – adds Luca Bini – that a family or a group of friends decides to limit their visits to the restaurant. But this choice also negatively affects the entire system of catering and production of raw materials which, let’s not forget, is a source of income for many working families”.

How to encourage families to go to the restaurant?

In this context, Bini wondered: how to encourage families to go to a restaurant aware that dining out is not prohibitively expensive and at the same time help to support an important sector for the economy with positive repercussions on the territory? The recipe found by the manager of the Casa del vino is precisely that of the dinner bill: “On Tuesday evenings, we offer a three-course dinner to choose from according to seasonality at the price of 25 euros, water and wine included. Participating in this proposal – he adds – in addition to the evaluations presented has a double value, that ofeco-sustainability and the rediscovery of sociability“.

Owner Luca Bini with his wife Diletta Cena by candlelight against expensive bills

The owner Luca Bini with his wife Diletta

The cooperative of lagarini producers makes its wines available

For the sake of the environment, but also to cope with rising energy costs, the dinner will take place as mentioned by candlelight, while for the preparation of the dishes, fruit of historical recipes, raw materials from the green sector will be to be used. The strong aspect concerns being together, the pleasure of conviviality after two difficult years also for relations, as well as for the economy, due to the pandemic. “Here, I would like this initiative to become a stimulus for reflection on this moment that we are living and that we are all leaving together. As a cooperative of Casa del Vino producers – he adds President Marco Tonini – we can only appreciate Luca Bini’s initiative and make our contribution through an oenological collection by making our wines available. I think that offering a dinner at a controlled price helps to stimulate this feeling of conviviality that must be rediscovered: being comfortable in company to share a dish and dialogue together is not only a form of socialization but also a small step significant to enhance the territory in its tourist and economic aspects”.


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