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Dear bills, save in the kitchen with the chef’s tips. Baleani: “The recipe? Small portions and short cooking”

ANCONA – Nothing is thrown away in the kitchen. An art, that of saving, that our grandmothers knew well, true educators in the fight against all waste. What is often considered waste, instead of ending up in the kitchen bin, can be used to flavor dishes and prepare broths.

Vegetables in this sense lend themselves very well, just think of potato and carrot skins, which can be fried, or stale bread with which you can prepare many dishes, from starters to desserts (bruschetta, panzanella , pappa al pomodoro, stuffed cuttlefish and chocolate salami).

In addition to using scraps and leftover food, in times of high bills, you can save money by cooking with the right precautions. The leader comes to our aid Simone Baleaninational councilor of the Italian Federation of Chefs who revealed to us the secrets most used by those who have done their work in the kitchen. “If you want to save, you have to opt for short cooking“He explains, but be careful because that does not mean eating raw, far from it: cooking times can be halved by focusing” on small pieces of fish and meatwhich therefore cook in less time, and spin the fish”.

Se da un lato è vero che la cottura in padella taglia i consumi elettrici, dall’altro lo chef fa notare che un forno in classe A è certamente meno dispendioso di elettrodomestici in classe inferiore: per risparmiare cuocendo al forno elettrico basta organizzarsi cucinando più pietanze at the same time. We used to talk about frying, now also possible for some desserts, but in general Baleani explains that “With the oven, you can cut cooking times in half” by reducing the size of food that goes into the oven.

Simone Baleani, National Councilor of the Italian Federation of Chefs

Like, how? Simple, in the case of a dessert, instead of baking a whole cake, you can opt for the single portion in cups, like muffins. A choice that allows you to reduce the cooking time from the canonical 40 minutes to a maximum of 18-20 minutes. A great saving of time and electricity. Roasted chicken also lends itself to the same logic: cook a chicken in pieces it takes much less time than it takes to cook it inside. Chicken waste can also be used for a chicken broth, to prepare a soup or for the classic quadrucci in broth, a dish of the Marche tradition.

Among the errors that weigh more heavily on the final cost of the bill, there is that of overcooking the food, “a legacy that comes from the tradition of the countryside”, but here again the technique of the small format is a good trick . As for cooking pasta according to Simone Baleani, it is possible rediscover fresh pastaeven homemade, while a good solution for dry pasta can be cooked in the sauce with which it will be seasoned, provided it is very liquid: the imagination can suggest the right recipe, but above all it can be spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Even the tools used between the stoves make the difference in terms of reducing consumption. For the cook Pans with a thickness of at least 4 millimeters should be preferred which allows you to retain the heat and gradually transfer it to the food. “We have to go back to put lids on pans – he says -: not only in cooking vegetables, many other dishes can also be simmered by cooking them with a minimum flame”. Among the pots, the most “saving” is undoubtedly the one pressure which drastically reduces the cooking times of all dishes, including dried legumes.

Finally, what is a recipe that does not weigh on your wallet and your bill? “THE sardines. 1 kg of sardines at the local market costs 8 euros and 4 people eat there. Served grilled with a side of vegetables, they represent a healthy meal, a good and well-made dish, just like our slogan”.

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