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Digitization, knowledge and credit: in Portonovo the Confapi recipe and unlimited for companies in the Marche region

ANCONA – Vision, optimism, motivation. These are the watchwords of the entrepreneurs who gathered yesterday afternoon September 14 in Portonovo to “Visioni d’Impresa”, the round table organized by Confapi Industria Ancona in collaboration with illimity bank to assess economic scenarios and find possible counter-movements to face the crisis we are going through. Among the speakers also COrrado Passera, Founder and CEO of Illimity Bank.

According to Passera: “The Marches are a region which has a real spirit of enterprise, which shows energy and which, having known how to diversify, has neighborhoods capable of withstanding the crisis more than others. Vitality and solidity in an Italy capable of internationalization where companies often have enormous hidden potential”. In short, we start from entrepreneurs, to be from the Marches which is a defect and a value at the same time – said Giorgio Giorgetti, president of Confapi Marche – stubborn like few but with an unparalleled work education that has remained in the roots of the young and the very young”.

A moment of confrontation in a delicate period and for which it is necessary “to unite, to have greater representativeness in a world market which is constantly changing – added Giorgetti – and to have the possibility, as today, of dealing with a bank which has the mission of small and medium-sized enterprises, a change of pace compared to an Italy focused on large structures”.

The Confapi event in Portonovo

In the meeting room of the SeeBay hotel in Portonovo, about 200 entrepreneurs listening to the speeches of the meeting started after greetings from the president of the Marche region, Francesco Acquaroli“Companies are suffering from capitalization and liquidity – he says – they are struggling to operate in the climate of uncertainty in which we live, where everything takes a back seat to the increases in energy prices that are likely to to desertify our industrial fabric. Manufacturing is an excellence that today, with the failing Russian market, must reshape the offer. We are trying to approach other markets but it is not a simple or immediate process and must be done in a unified way and with the most appropriate tools. In addition to the answers that we try to give ourselves as a Region, we expect systemic interventions from the Government and the European Union”. Possible recipe?

“As far as we are concerned – he explained Mauro Barchiesi, President of Confapi Industria Ancona – we have tried to stimulate entrepreneurs on the management control which is the basis of the digitalization of processes. We need to invest in technology and knowledge, but investing today is difficult”. Investments that may come from Illimity Bank. “The Marches – he underlined Carlo Panella, Head of Direct Banking at Illimity Bank – they have an exceptional productive fabric, made up of small and very small businesses which constitute the backbone of Italy. The Marche entrepreneur seems ready to deal with banks in a non-traditional way, leveraging the network and digitizing to plan”. Grand finale with Paolo Manocchi, life behavior trainer and business coach. To raise awareness even more about this stubbornness of the Marches mentioned several times during the meeting. Which is the essence of being an entrepreneur. “Moments like this are important – concluded the ddirector of Confapi Industria Ancona, Michele Montecchiani – they must be replicated and managed to help the companies we come into contact with on a daily basis to help entrepreneurs with their daily problems”.

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