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Discover Bitto in Valtellina

D.what does fresh milk taste like … the answer in Morbegno (So), Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2022, for the 115th Mostra del Bitto. Do you smell, inside, fragrant and fresh, the scent of grass, mountain flowers, essences that grow spontaneously? Listen, just behind you, to the slow, resounding bells of the Alpine Brunettes… Can you hear them? Look around… just meadows: above the slanting horizon of the mountains, the sky is an inverted blanket that you can almost touch with your hands… Every day, twice a day, at aba and at sunset, from June to September, Bitto, raw milk PDO cheese from Valtellina, takes shape on the mountain pastures, undisputed king of taste, king of the dairy tradition of these valleys, for centuries and centuries…

Atmospheres of the mountain pastures

This year, the usual Mostra del Bitto in mid-October will bring the atmosphere of the mountain pasture to visitors through a path that will stimulate their five senses, to recreate those aromas, sounds, flavors and sensations typical of an ancient Alpine tradition, whose origins are lost in history. The weekend of October 15 and 16 will therefore be held this hundred and fifteenth edition of the long Mostra del Bitto, the exhibition-market that rewards the best forms of cheese Bitto Dop, Valtellina Casera Dop, Scimudin and Latteria during the usual competition organized by the Ctcb (Consortium for the Protection of Valtellina Casera and Bitto Dop Cheeses).

The good life

Between tastings and purchases

The forms in competition this year will return to make a beautiful show inside the Casera installed in the cloister of the convent of Sant’Antonio, open and visitable throughout the duration of the event, while the public will be able to meet the typical producers of Valtellinataste the specialties and buy them in the agri-food specialties market located in the central square of Sant’Antonio.

Pizzoccheri and foraging

Among the novelties of 2022, didactic rooms dedicated to foraging or how and what to “cook with wild herbs”, those of the Pizzocchero Academyto learn how to “scarelle” by hand and cook the typical buckwheat tagliatelle according to the official recipe, but also the possibility of becoming “Judge for a day”, discover the secrets of the tasters of the ONAF (National Organization of Tasters de Fromages ) and devoting themselves to the different stages of evaluating a cheese, or to gourmet tastings of original dishes, creative reworkings of traditional products accompanied by mastery of the “art of glass”, the art of ringing the crystal glasses, during the appointment with “Il Bitto in a glass and art on your plate”.

Pizzoccheri Discovering Bitto in Valtellina

The pizzoccheri

Among the gourmet proposals however, “Tasting Notes”, a crescendo of sounds and flavors of violin, but also “Cheese & Foraging” to marry cheeses and wild herbs, or even “Herbal and Distillates” or “Beers on the Terrace” , in addition to the events organized by the Valtellina Quality Agrifood District, all the experiences set up in the many suggestive locations of the rooms between the chapter house and the cloister terraces, as well as inside the splendid rooms of the 18th century from Palazzo Malacrida.

Live processing

They will live in Piazza S.Antonio the traditional “calecc” in which the Bitto is brought to life from milk and, in the exhibition-market area, also the stand of the Ctcb, the Consorzio Tutela Formaggi Valtellina Casera and Bitto, with its associates and their stories from the mountain pastures, as well as “educational” stations for experiments immersive narration of production methods, characteristics of AOP products and places of production.

Menus and recipes from local restaurants

Even the city center, as already for several years, will be involved in the exhibition, thank you at the “Dop Menu” and “Cheese Hour” that local restaurants and bars will offer ad hoc for the occasion and which can be booked directly by booking at participating establishments. To animate the streets of the city center, accordion and violin shows, those of brass bands and musical groups, plays in the Auditorium and on the square, but also street food, markets, tastings in the cellar and “music” tractors… An edition, number 115, to live with the 5 senses, so as not to lose any atmosphere, any flavor, any rattle or sound….


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