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DIY body scrub, recipes that regenerate the skin

Take note: the transition from summer to fall is a good time to exfoliate the skin, removing the layer of dead cells and contrasting the thickened and dulled skin caused by the sun. In other articles we have talked about facial peels; here we want to focus on body scrub, including regenerating formulas and do-it-yourself scrubs, tapping into plant-based ingredients from the pantry, dusting off a few stubborn and lingering home remedies. Let’s find out how to prepare the best late summer body scrubs.

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DIY body scrub, recipes

“Exfoliating the skin of the body lengthens the times of summer tanning, while awakening the radiance and vitality of the skin”, points out Angela Noviello, head of the beauty division of Milano Estetica. “In addition, regular exfoliation – for the body we indicate one appointment per week – promotes the absorption of moisturizing cosmetic active ingredients, to keep the skin silky and compact and better face the cold months”. Let’s move on to DIY beauty recipes. “A draining scrub with salt and mint is very suitable for anyone suffering from swelling and water retention. In a salad bowl, one tablespoon of fine or coarse salt, two tablespoons of olive oil, the juice of half a squeezed grapefruit, 5 finely chopped mint leaves. Mix the ingredients and distribute them on damp skin, remembering that choosing coarse salt rather than fine salt allows for a more intense exfoliating action. Massage the whole body for a few minutes, then remove the product with lukewarm water or using warm sponge wipes.

Another scrub do it yourself highly recommended to regenerate the skin and at the same time reduce stubborn fatness: mix 1 coffee grounds, 4 teaspoons fine salt, 6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder, adding two fingers of lukewarm water. Massage the mixture in circular motions on the legs, arms and abdomen. Leave on for ten minutes and to obtain an additional toning effect, rinse with cold water (bear it: it’s worth it). Remember that after exfoliating the skin of the body, it is very important to moisturize it deeply. Make way for rich butters, above all that of shea, or alternatively to elasticifying and nourishing vegetable oils, from sweet almond to rosehip”.

3 body scrubs that make us want to buy right away

Talasso Anti-Water Scrub with sea salts, brown sugar, essential oils and spices



Crushed Cabernet Vinosculpt scrub with regenerating and slimming action, contains grapeseed oil and honey



Sea salt scrub based on integral salt of different grain size and jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and vitamin E

Somatoline Skin Expert



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