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Easy Halloween Candy: 5 Recipes

A short but varied overview of Halloween sweets that are easy to make in a few steps and with the help of children: which one do you prefer?

A short but varied overview of Halloween sweets that are easy to make in a few steps and with the help of children: which one do you prefer?

We are almost there, another autumn has begun and a new Halloween awaits us on the horizon to celebrate with the gods easy sweets but always surprising (and not only for their not very reassuring aspect).

The Halloween Recipes for children and their task is not to bring a pinch of excitement to the table, but at the same time to reassure souls at the first taste. In this lies the beauty of the gods day of the dead treats, in the absolute contrast between their appearance and their taste. If you are looking ideas in this regard, we suggest 5 that beg to be judged. The only common denominator is that these are easy treats to celebrate the spookiest night of the year. Ready to try your luck?

Halloween pumpkin pie

Impossible to talk about All Saints’ Day without mentioning pumpkin pie. It boasts primacy among the quick and easy halloween candy to do at home. So much so that even children can help you. Its strong point is that it is essentially a pumpkin pie. It is therefore soft in itself and ideal to enjoy on its own or as a snack. But in the same way it lends itself to being decorated monstrously with scary faces, cobwebs and various insects. For example, you can fill it with pastry cream and decorate the surface with the classic icing sugar placed on a stencil, the one that reproduces the face of Halloween Pumpkin.

Halloween cupcake

Another inevitable presence of the most disturbing party of the year are the cupcakes. Even these soft candies can be prepared by anyone (special skills in this matter are not required). Once cooked, you can choose to glaze them with melted chocolate or cover them with sugarpaste white to cut out the silhouettes of fun ghosts; orange if you want to accompany them with mini pumpkins. If you are comfortable with the cake design, you could model spiders with black sugarpaste.

sweet spiders

And speaking of spiders, we suggest you take a look at these, which are totally edible and ready to win favor with anyone who tastes them. You can also craft them from gods muffin or ready-made chocolate cakes. For the rest, they only require a few ingredients and a pinch of dexterity. Children will have a lot of fun skewering their paws and decorating them according to their imagination. The result? Of the Halloween treats super delicious! Absolutely to try.

monster apples

Another super easy and quick dessert to indulge in – but with an eye on health – are these monster apples, which, on closer inspection, look like miniature monsters with sharp teeth ready to leave their mark. In fact, they’re much more harmless than they look and are made only with apples, almonds and chocolate (although you can add some Peanut Butter, to make it even more disturbing). These Halloween apples they are ideal for a healthy snack or even for dieters who don’t want to give up dessert.

Halloween cookies (vegan)

I am cookies easy that can also be eaten by vegans (as well as by lactose intolerant people due to the replacement of butter with oil). Of course, they must be cut with specials cookie cutters Halloween theme i.e. ghosts, bones, witch hats and company. But, beyond that, you can frost them with colored royal icing, or decorate them with spooky writing using melted dark chocolate dropped from a paper cone.

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