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Elections, Ideas for Italy: Giorgia Meloni answers questions from Sky TG24. VIDEO

The leader of Fratelli d’Italia was the guest of Casa Italia, broadcast Monday to Friday from 8:30 p.m. In the last part of the program, the politicians tell their proposals and their recipes around six themes: inflation and expensive energy, taxation, work, young people and education, a subject at will (Meloni chose immigration). In six months we will see if whoever won the election has kept his promises

The president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, was the guest of Casa Italia, the Sky TG24 meeting dedicated to the elections of September 25 – broadcast from Monday to Friday from 8:30 p.m. – and hosted by Fabio Vitale. In the last part of the program, the leaders discuss their proposals and their recipes around six themes: inflation and expensive energy, taxation, work, young people and education, climate change, a subject of their choice (Meloni chose immigration). One minute for each topic. In six months, we will see if the winner of the elections has kept his promises. Here are the answers of Giorgia Meloni (TOWARDS THE VOTE: THE SKY TG24 SPECIAL – ALL THE NEWS ON THE LIVE ELECTIONS – ALL VIDEOS).

Inflation and expensive energy

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On the subject, Meloni proposes “immediately, to calm the bills, to support the position of a gas price cap at European level, but also, if this is not done in Europe, at national level to separate the cost gas from that of electricity. Then, we must work on Italy’s energy supply, with an energy mix, in other words diversify the sources and the countries from which we import”. affirms that “we have a great opportunity for southern Italy because it will be the outlet for the Mediterranean gas pipelines and for its climatic conditions it is one of the places where we can best work on renewable energies. We can to be the European energy hub. Finally, we offer subsistence utilities for needy families”.



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“We mainly work on the issue of families,” explains Meloni. “The objective of the legislator is that we gradually arrive at a taxation of Irpef calibrated on the number of family members, the famous ‘family quotient’. In the immediate future, we want to increase by 50% the single allowance for each child, a good measure which currently has insufficient means. For companies, our proposal is that of an incremental flat tax, that is to say a flat tax of 15% on everything you earn more than the previous year”.

Work, business and wages


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“We want to raise the flat tax for VAT and the self-employed which is currently for a turnover of up to 65 thousand euros to 100 thousand euros”, suggests Giorgia Meloni. “We are also for corporate taxation that says: ‘the more you hire, the less you pay’. The more employees you have relative to your turnover, the less tax you owe to the state. We need to encourage people to hire. In the immediate term, we imagine a super deduction of the cost of labor for those who hire more than the maximum peak of the previous three years of 120% for each worker, which reaches 150% for fragile workers. The tax wedge costs 16 billion and is a medium-term measure. In the short term, however, we are in favor of a flat tax of 5% on overtime and production bonuses”.

Youth and education

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“We must invest in schools starting from the theme of the right to education”, declared the leader of FdI. “Scholarships also for sporting merits must be put in place and an extraordinary plan must be drawn up on this subject so as not to penalize those who are born in more difficult territories or families. I believe that the bulk of the study should take place in class and not at home with homework. We must increase the relationship between school and the world of work, we are for a Made in Italy high school. Young people must be tax-free for new activities up to the age of 30 and the conditions for first-time home loans must be restored for young people in precarious employment”.

Climate change

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“I’m for a positive approach,” says Meloni. “We have to work on technological innovation, for example to support precision agriculture, work on environmental training even in schools, on soil protection. I do not agree that only we in Europe can solve the problem of global emissions. Especially if we then import duty-free from countries that are responsible for much of this pollution. The measures must be European and global. The EU should impose tariffs on products from countries that do not meet our own environmental standards”.

Last topic of choice: immigration

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“The proposal of the Brothers of Italy is historically defined – and we define it – ‘naval blockade'”, explains Giorgia Meloni. “With this naval blockade we do not mean an act of war as our detractors say, but we mean, trivially, a European mission with which to negotiate in concert with the Libyan authorities to stop together departures on the African coasts, open hotspots managed by the community in international Africa, assess in Africa who has the right to be a refugee, distribute it fairly among the 27 countries of the European Union and send back those who do not have the right to be a refugee. is not done by asking smugglers to make the entry selection, it is done with a document called a “flow decree” with which states decide how much immigration they can include and from where to give to these people a dignified life.While we landed in Italy hundreds of thousands of immigrants whom we then left to sell drugs or prostitute themselves in too many cases”.


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