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Electronic Veterinary Recipe (Rev), extended use obligation. New features in effect and nodes to be resolved


The obligation to use the veterinary electronic prescription also applies to prescriptions for medicines – including galenic ones – containing narcotic and psychotropic substances. Here are the new operations

The obligation to use the Rev (Electronic Veterinary Prescription) also covers prescriptions for medicines – including galenic ones – containing narcotic and psychotropic substances listed in the table of medicines (sections B, C, D and E) with the exception of those of heading A. To establish this, Legislative Decree. nm 136/2022 which is in force from today and which is one of the different steps to adapt national legislation to European provisions on animal health and medical devices.

Animal health: changes related to Rev.

There are several legislative decrees on animal health, adopted to implement the European Delegation Law 2019/2020 and recently published in the Official Journal (OJ of 12 and 13 September, Legislative Decree 134/2022; Legislative Decree 135/2022; Legislative Decree 136/2022, in force from September 27, 2022 and Legislative Decree 137/2022; Legislative Decree 138/2022 in force from September 28, 2022). Of importance for pharmacies is above all Legislative Decree 136/2022 which introduces innovations regarding the Rev. To be considered, in detail, is “the dematerialization of the veterinary prescription for drugs containing drugs included in sections B, C, D and E the table of drugs referred to in Presidential Decree 309/90 “, Fofi points out in a circular. “For these medicines, from September 27, the REV regime will therefore be applied. Veterinary prescriptions for magistral galenic preparations containing narcotic and psychotropic substances from the table of medicines, sections B, C, D and E are included in the dematerialization are excluded the medicines appearing in the table of medicines section A for which the printed prescription is still necessary”. In the latter case, the “veterinarians” specify a circular from Federfarma Roma “must use the special recipe book – approved by decree of the Ministry of Health of March 10, 2006 – and pharmacies must continue to store these prescriptions in pharmacies”.

Supplies for veterinarians and health directors have been dematerialized

Another interesting aspect concerns the awarding of contracts by veterinarians and health directors: “The Ministry of Health, by a circular dated August 5, 2022, specified how the regulatory provisions introduced by the new decree provide for the dematerialization of requests order, by veterinarians and health directors, of narcotics in sections A, B and C and escort orders (non zootechnical and own establishment) for narcotics in sections D and E”.
In addition, to be included in the data that will have to converge in the Rev, continues Fofi, there are also those “deriving from the administration of the veterinary medicinal product present in the stocks, including the indication relating to the species and the category of animal or groups of animals subject to treatment, while data relating to the prescription and use of veterinary drugs, medicated feed and intermediate products for each animal or group of animals are automatically acquired in the Vetinfo.it information system”.

Operation and open nodes

But what will be the operation? As Federfarma Roma explains, “for drugs in sections B, C, D and E, the stamp and signature of the prescribing veterinarian will no longer be required but, if reported, this does not constitute an obstacle to dispatch. in any case, the electronic prescription must always be checked and closed on the REV portal”. Federfarma also recalls the problems to be solved: “The question of the proper execution of art. 45, paragraph 5, of the consolidated law on narcotics remains open, according to which “The pharmacist keeps for two years, from the day of the last entry in the register referred to in Article 60, paragraph 1, prescriptions prescribing drugs listed in the table of drugs, sections A, B and C. In the event of the dispensing of medicinal products by the National Health Service, the pharmacist is required to keep a copy of the original recipe or a photocopy of the original recipe, bearing the date of dispatch.” This is a point on which operational indications were requested from the Ministry.


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