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Eroico, Vinpepato and Barba-Turico: bitters with an incomparable taste

PEllegrini Spa offers enthusiasts a journey through the liquor tradition of the Italian peninsula. Three products which, from south to north, enhance the typicality of the territories where they are produced:heroic bitterwhich comes from an old recipe preserved and transmitted to Altomonte (Cs), it Vinpepato of Crete Senesison of the Tuscan hinterland, and the Beard-Turico, with an alpine and balsamic soul. Three profoundly different products, with incomparable flavors, united only by the quality of the ingredients and the rigorous, slow and respectful infusion techniques of the botanical era (periods during which the herbs and flowers, having reached perfect maturity, are harvested and placed in tanks before maceration in alcohol).

heroic bitter

Our ideal trip begins in the province of Cosenza, in the municipality of Altomonte. Here the flavor is that of the Mediterranean: citrus fruits, medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, spices and a special ingredient: time. Time understood not only as the time necessary for a production respecting nature, but also as an intrinsic value fundamental for our well-being. Twenty-two essences, obtained through separate cold maceration processes and blended according to an ancient recipe handed down over the centuries, that make Amaro Eroico a liqueur steeped in legend. Today this recipe, revisited up to date, is reborn thanks to a project of Vittorio Gargaglionefounder of Essentia Mediterranea, with the aim of enhancing the “wonders” of the Mediterranean Sea.

heroic bitter

At Amaro Eroico, the twenty-two essences are collected one by one during the year and processed separately to keep their organoleptic properties intact. The result is an elixir of inimitable pleasure. In the wake of the tradition of Mediterranean liqueurs, Amaro Eroico is a delicate balance between its bitter component (bitter orange, gentian and cinchona) and its balsamic note resulting from the slow infusion of rosemary, oregano and juniper whose aftertaste -mountain country of the region. Citrus fruits (Calabrian bergamot, Calabrian mandarin, PGI Sicilian red orange and PGI Sorrento lemon) provide the essential brightening note, complemented by the addition of almond and the typical Calabrian licorice. The infusions and macerations are carried out cold and separately so that the relative extracts capture all the freshness and keep their organoleptic properties intact.

The good life

Vinpepato of Crete Senesi

From the Mediterranean, the route continues to the boot through the hills of the Sienese region. In Asciano, a small village in the province of Siena, one of the oldest pharmacies in Italy is still in operation today. The Antica Farmacia Francini Naldi was founded in 1795 by a notable local family, the Francini Naldi and named, according to tradition, after the patron saint of the town, Sant’Agata.

Vinpepato des Crete Senesi Heroic, Vinpepato and Barba-Turico: bitters with an incomparable taste

Vinpepato of Crete Senesi

During the last restoration, in a shelf of the old pharmacy, Dr. Giovanni de’ Munari ancient recipes found: the graphological characteristics attribute the notes to Francesco Francini Naldi, founder of the pharmacy. Giovanni deciphered these manuscripts and obtained precise indications for the elaboration of Vinpepato delle Crete, a maceration of spices, herbs and roots in a base of fortified Chianti wine. The principal botany is, as its name suggests, the clove pepper, supposedly improperly because the pepper is not! It is a plant native to Central America brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus, known for its aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Rich in eugenol, has digestive, disinfectant and slightly anesthetic properties. Lost its purely medicinal vocation, the vinpepatohas been reworked especially in its alcohol content, but its old flavor remains unchanged, the perfect end to a meal.


Barba-Turico is part of the line Pellegrini Private Stock and it is inspired by 19th century remedies which, sold by acrobats in the squares, promised to cure all ailments, from lovesickness to toothache. These remedies, in turn, adhered to the precepts of Kabbalah which provided the number of 26 ingredients with the perfect balance for the creation of an elixir of long life.

Barba-Turico Eroico, Vinpepato and Barba-Turico: bitters with an incomparable taste


After more than a year of painstaking study of alcohol manuals of the time, painstakingly retrieved, David Monitra, head of the Liqueurs and Spirits sector of Pellegrini Spa, analyzed hundreds of recipes and identified 26 plants from the Italian Alps, each known for their healing properties, to create an elixir with an “alpine” taste. Some examples ? Achillea Millefoglie, in addition to being perfect for the production of liqueurs, thanks to its pleasant aromatic notes, was also used to treat anxiety states and insomnia. Peppermint, rich in balsamic aromas, is known in herbal treatises for its digestive benefits while chamomile is still widely used today for its mild calming effects. Barba-Turico comes from the slow cold maceration of 26 elements including herbs, spices and roots, typical of the Italian mountains. An old elixir, pleasantly balsamic, excellent to taste neat at the end of a meal but also served with ice cubes.

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