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Fabio Fazio, king of chocolate: saves the Lavoratti laboratory

No.adventure eggs for Fabio Faziowho announced on Instagram that he had taken over a small chocolate laboratory, as defined by the conductor of Savona, who risk of closure due to Covid: it’s Lavoratti from Varazze (Sv).

Fabio Fazio as Willy Wonka saves a chocolate factory

A very meaningful little chocolate workshop for all children

The host said in the short video: “This story begins like all stories with once upon a time. And, in fact, once upon a time there was a little chocolate workshop that was very important for all children born or raised in Varazze, like me where my grandparents were and that every Easter or Christmas they received a product from this small company, which two years ago was about to close due to Covid difficulties, which involved many businesses. It seemed to me that something could and should be done and together with one of my partners (Davide Petrini) we tried.

The good life

A way to be children again

Taking care of chocolate is perhaps the funniest, most beautiful thing and certainly a way to go back in time and be children again”.

Lavoratti 1938, second act

The challenge from the start is twofold: yes, save the companythe brand, the history of Lavoratti so intimately linked to the sentimental fabric of Varazze, but above all try to make the best chocolate possible. This is the goal towards which an entire team has worked, with care and dedication, on all aspects of the supply chain. From the renewal of plants to the choice of raw materials, for each of which the indication of the place of origin is traceable. Starting with the cocoa beans harvested, fermented and dried from the Hacienda San Josè born in Los Ríos (Ecuador) in the 1930s, whose history stands out not only for the recognized and award-winning quality of the product but capable of making the difference. also in terms of attention to the environment and a growth model based on sustainability and social responsibility. Essential reference values ​​in the Lavoratti 1938 constitutional charter.

Fabio Fazio and Davide Petrini in the company Fabio Fazio king of chocolate: saves the Lavoratti laboratory

Fabio Fazio and Davide Petrini in the company

Corrado Assenza and chocolate according to nature

Having clarified the objectives and laid the foundations for production, Lavoratti lacked an essential figure capable of materializing the ambition of giving shape to an authentically Mediterranean chocolate. A figure who could develop the recipes for a recognizable new chocolate with his own precise personality. It’s 2022 when the search leads to Corrado Assenza who turns out to be the right person for many reasons. First of all for his ability to translate the observation of nature into confectionery and to select the materials based on the identity of those who manufacture them: “The good products will come from the good people”, such is his memory. Because Lavoratti Corrado Assenza chooses the suppliers, plantations and crops that best meet the criteria necessary for the perfect ripening of the fruit; select pistachios, citrus fruits and even salt from which to draw salt for tablets and pralines.

The Lavoratti “library”, the golden ratio and the Nautilus

All Lavoratti production is conceived as an “editorial line” in which each product must be the volume of a story in which chocolate is the bearer of a story. Lavoratti 1938’s watchword is “cure”. The care in the choice of their collaborators, their chocolate and of course the ingredients and raw materials. A habit. The bars and pralines follow the rule of the golden ratio: 1.618 is the ratio between the faces, a symbolic figure of perfection, a divine proportion dedicated to chocolate considered by the peoples of Central America as the food and nourishment of the gods. According to this progression, Nature designed the Nautilus which became Lavoratti’s symbol in 1938.


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