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Farma.Co.M from Monza too. Spa against the “fighter’s drug” scam

Monza. More than 2,500,000 euros in damages in four years. To the “complacent” doctor 600 euros for each block of prescriptions (up to 200 at a time) released. Maxi operation by the Carabinieri of Monza and Brianza which this morning, at the first light of dawn, led to the arrest of 12 people, including a family doctor. prescriptions, made in favor of really sick but unsuspecting patientsenabled the group to acquire the substances for freebeing reimbursed by the National Health System.

A criminal system dismantled by the men of the weapon also thanks to the reports of Farma.Co.M. Spa, the company 95% owned by the Municipality of Monza which manages the 10 municipal pharmacies in the city and the Farmasalus Clinic.

“The collaboration stems from the reports sent by the pharmacies which were then forwarded to the Carabinieri. Lhe collaboration between pharmacies and law enforcement is essential just why the pharmacist is a “sentinel” who knows well not only the territory, but also the doctors, and following this attention then a complaint is filed. It’s the cooperation that comes in itinere,” he said. Vito PotenzaPresident of Farma.Co.M. Spa.


The soldiers of the Carabinieri Company of Monza, assisted in the executive phase by personnel from the Provincial Command of Monza and Brianza, Milan and Pavia, executed an order of precautionary measure in prison issued by the Gip of the Court of Monza, at the request of the local public prosecutor’s office, against 12 peoplea Italian doctoralready under house arrest for similar facts, e 11 Egyptians (including 4 untraceable), being investigated for various reasons for drug trafficking, abusive prescriptions, criminal association, fraud against the State or public administration, in particular against the NHS, ideological lying in the certificates committed by a person operating a service of public necessity, bribery for acts contrary to official duties, improper exercise of a profession and trade or administration of broken or imperfect medicines.

The investigation, coordinated by Rep. Lawyer dr. Marco Giovanni Santini and made by Monza Company NOR soldiers during the 2019-2021 biennium, is inspired by the detention of an Egyptian citizen, stuck in a Monza pharmacy where he bought a disproportionate amount of oxycodoneusing recipes stolen from a doctor’s office. In the circumstances, it was the pharmacy owner who, suspecting the authenticity of the ordinances, had alerted 112.

Subsequent investigations carried out at the ARI, compared to a first period taken into consideration, it appeared comand out of a total of 6,959 oxycodone recipes disseminated in Lombardy, around 30% were for the benefit of people of Egyptian origin, is it 940 had been issued by a single Milan doctor.


The group acted with a very specific modus operandi: first acquired in compliant medical practices, receipts issued unduly attesting diseases affecting people who do not need it, often unconscious, who have been prescribed opiate-based drugs (oxycodone and tramadol) typically used for tpain therapy, with an exemption code and therefore fully reimbursed by the National Health System. Then, they bring the recipes to the pharmacies in order to physically obtain the packaging; finally,sold the packages on the parallel drug trafficking market, finalized with final transfer to third parties.

The choice of patients to whom the prescriptions, most of the time unconscious, were made at the table by the doctor and by the Egyptian subjects.. It was precisely the doctor, in fact, a select among its patients those who suffer from severe disabilitiesto enable its associates to obtain the drugs free of charge, as they are reimbursed by the NHS The choice was not immediate: in addition to evaluating the patient’s clinical picture, his surname was also examined (those with Arabic assonances were sought) and the place of residence (which should not be too far away), so as not to arouse suspicion at pharmacists.

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