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Finished, swordfish: all the tastiest recipes

Swordfish on the table, tasty recipes and preparations of a fish product among the most bought and sold, perfect to satisfy the nutritional needs of all. It is very suitable for the category Seniorbecause prodigal of well-being e nutritional properties very useful for the functioning of the body. Eating fish prolongs life, an important rule, what matters is that it is always fresh, that it is cooked and prepared correctly. Swordfish, in particular, is very rich in protein even though it is lean, and for this reason it is perfect for those who follow a balanced diet. It guarantees a good recharge of mineral salts and vitamins, but it is important not to overdo the intake. Here’s everything you need to know about this healthy food, and the most mouth-watering recipes.

Swordfish, because it’s good for you: its properties

The swordfish it is one of the best known and most fished marine predators, highly appreciated for its firm and tender meat, as well as lean but also for its beneficial properties. From a commercial point of view, it is a very sold and demanded item, but it is essential to always buy it Costs and with all certifications whatsoever. It lends itself to many culinary interpretations and is a healthy food, swordfish contains low fat but the whole group Omega 3 And omega 6. Contains many protein which make it an important source of energy, it offers a good supply of mineral salts, in particular potassiumsodium, phosphorus and calcium, followed by vitamins PP, B6, D and B12 and water. Its meat is very tasty and tasty, very useful for people with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and need to lose weight.

The undeniable properties of swordfish make it a very suitable food for the senior category, because Verify the pressure blood with positive effects for the circulation but also for the heart. especially for the presence of omega 3s which reduce triglyceride levelsit also helps vitamin d refill and for this a good absorption of calcium. And the vitamin B12 present is important for the well-being of the cells and the synthesis of the DNA, a useful support to contain the pathologies that involve the Memory and brain activities. Like all large predators and large fish, it can be contaminated with mercury, which is why experts limit its consumption to once a week.

Swordfish, how to prepare it and the tastiest recipes

Swordfish recipe

For an optimal taste of swordfish, it is essential to buy it fresh, taking into account the origin and type of fishing, even for frozen. The firm flesh but tender makes it very quick to prepare, and very little is needed to enhance the taste. It can be simmered, steamed, in a pot, in the oven and on the grill, both as a second nutrient and an integral part of sauces and condiments to make tasty entrees.

  • Swordfish with cherry tomatoes, a delicious Sicilian recipe that is very quick to prepare. Just soften about 300 grams of washed and cut cherry tomatoes in a pan with a clove of garlic and olive oil and season with a pinch of salt and dry oregano, cook for ten minutes and top up adding a handful of pitted green olives, cut into rings. Stir and continue for another five minutes, removing the garlic and adding the swordfish slices. Cook for a few minutes on each side, finishing cooking with the lid on for another two minutes. It is served with a pinch of black pepper and chopped pine nuts, previously sautéed in a pan. Alternatively, you can add capers, fresh thyme and lemon juice.
  • Swordfish in the oven, a very quick recipe is enough to prepare a fine mince of garlic and fresh parsley then place some of it on a baking dish with capers and olive oil. Arrange the slices of fresh swordfish and top with the rest of the aromatic mince, black pepper, oregano and a drop of white wine. It is cooked at 180 degrees for 15 minutes, testing for doneness on a skewer, serving it tender but not dry. Alternatively, it can be cooked in pairs with finely chopped onions, potatoes and peppers, drizzled with lemon and olive oil.
  • Swordfish pasta, a classic variation of this healthy food. Simply make a savory sauce with a clove of garlic to brown in a pan with olive oil, followed by a handful of crushed cherry tomatoes. Add finely chopped parsley, salt and chopped swordfish, continue cooking for ten minutes and soften with small additions of pasta cooking water. When the latter is ready, it is sautéed in a pan with the sauce and for a few minutes. A perfect preparation for short and long pasta.

Swordfish is a very tasty food for this reason, it is best to cook it in the simplest way possible, perhaps grilled or broiled with oil, lemon, salt and rosemary, or turn into a roll or as a delicious part of many fish and vegetables. skewers.

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