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Food and wine pairing – la Repubblica

For lovers of the perfect “food and wine pairing”, the recipes of the week seem to be made on purpose to play with a varied mix of combinations with made in Italy labels. As always, the menu consists of five courses.

Prawns with potatoes and white wine

curated by Eleonora Cozzella

Already the starter based on prawns with potatoes and white wine offers us the opportunity to clarify once and for all that shellfish have a pulp with a sweet tendency and a persistent flavor, which requires a combination capable of “holding” lots of structure. In this case, a valuable suggestion comes from the type of wine – white and fruity – used as an ingredient in the dish. Make way for the strong olfactory personality and not only Chardonnay, perhaps the most famous representative of the semi-aromatic grape varieties, with the right degree of sweetness useful to counter the slight tart tendency of the dish given by the apple vinegar. Perfect, therefore, South Tyrol Lafóa produced by Colterenzioa rich concentrate of fruits, including tropical ones, softened by the spicy note brought by the aging in barrels.

Seafood fusilli en papillote

curated by Eleonora Cozzella

To go well with a seafood starter such as fusilli de mer en papillote, it is essential to keep in mind that, despite the variety of ingredients, the particular cooking preserves all the organoleptic characteristics, but enhances them with lightness. Better to resort to the elegant aromatic kit of Netun, Vermentino from Corsican clone aged in steel and produced in Tarquinia by the young company Muscari Tomajoli.

Smoked cheese and bacon skewers

by Laura Mari

With a gourmet and enticing second course such as the smoked cheese and pancetta skewers, the game thickens, we are dealing with elements such as fat and persistence which characterize the two ingredients and which risk becoming giants by putting our wine out. . In order not to be caught off guard, we choose an antagonistic race like the Barolo Castiglione from the Vietti Company, a classic expression of this type of wine aged partly in large barrels and partly in barrels. Intense nose where plum is the protagonist, powerful sip, well-controlled tannin: impossible to go wrong.

The soaked peppers

by Eleonora Cozzella

Moving on to the conclusion of the meal with a good accompaniment based on soaked peppers, let’s take a step back and allow ourselves an exotic break with a type of wine often abused. We’re talking about the new one, available from October 30. In our case, the choice is Teroldego Terraces of the Moon produced by Cavit: fresh, fruity and in perfect harmony with the sweetness of pepper.

Coffee and rum donut

curated by Lara De Luna

To end on a high note with a sip that’s nothing short of precious, try pairing a slice of donut with coffee and rum. Vinsanto Occhio di Partridge produced in Montepulciano by Avignonesi. One of the most beautiful Italian “meditation” wines (to be sipped sparingly) which is enjoyed here in the company of an alcoholic dessert and plays a leading role thanks to the exceptional olfactory intensity conferred by more than 10 years of stay in barrels of oak.


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