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Food waste awareness day: what to do?

It is celebrated today, September 29, the international day of Awareness of food waste and loss: an important anniversary, which helps raise public awareness of an international issue. The theme of food wastein fact, it was included in theUnited Nations 2030 Agenda, which includes 17 goals. Among these is thegoal 12“Guarantee sustainable production and consumption models”, which in point 12.3 specifies: “By 2030, Halve per capita global food waste at retail and consumer level and reduce food loss along the production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses”. The achievement of Goal 12 is closely linked to other Goals such as 2 (Fight Hunger), 13 (Fight Climate Change) and 17 (Partnership for the Goals), as it works at different levels, terms of natural resources, and involves different actors in agri-food systems. Last year, in Italy, according to Coldiretti, 67 kg of food per inhabitant was wasted, which is the equivalent of the destruction of more than 4 million tons of still consumable products. But what can we do today, and beyond, to fight food waste? Here are all our tips.

Raising awareness of food waste and losses: what to do?

Watch the second season of Why waste? with Massimo Bottura to learn new anti-waste recipes

Well yes, after last year’s success, he’s back Why waste?second season of the exclusive video series signed by Gastronomy loverswith Massimo Bottura. So here are three new episodes that see the protagonists, in addition to the three Michelin stars ofOsteria Francescana from Modena, Dominique Crenn, Sat Bains and Cesar Troisgros, one of the most influential chefs in the world. In this second chapter of the series, Bottura challenges the three colleagues to use leftover vegetables, overripe fruit and stale bread to create new tasty dishes. The result? Many anti-waste recipes to draw inspiration from: Bread old man with scallop tarama from Sat Bains to Millefeuille of stale bread and tomato by Crenn; from Raspberry pillow of Troisgros prepared with leftover berries in the fridge at Frozen Ripe Peach Smoothie by Crenn; from All fruit ice cream by Bain at the original Carrot that wanted to be pasta by Troisgros.

Download an anti-waste app for smarter drinking

We have illustrated the main applications created to fight against food waste. Among these there is Too good to leavewho for a long time no waste a cause to pursue thanks to its magic box and numerous thematic initiatives. A commitment to raise awareness among users that this year the application wanted to reiterate not only for the international day of Awareness of food waste and lossbut throughout the month of September, with the aim of involving partners, users and consumers around a challenge: save 450 tons of foodwhich makes it a real “Record September” against food waste. The application, in fact, throughout the month, has made available both the classic Magic Box and some special “virtual shops” activated ad hoc in Milan, Rome and Turin. For each purchase of these “Magic Boxes to offer”, worth 8 euros, Too good to leave has undertaken to provide the Red Cross with 18 euros of food to be allocated to people in difficulty (remember that on the app there is also a special section dedicated to donations to the Red Cross). Fighting against food waste is not only an (important) economic act, it is also protecting the environment and fighting against climate change. Reducing food waste has been named the number one solution to keeping temperature rise below 2˚C by 2100. Project draw enables optimal minimization of food loss and waste at all stages of production, distribution, retail and consumption, which can avoid up to 88.50-102.20 gigatonnes of emissions of ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’, he recalls Eugene SaporaCountry Manager Italy Too good to leave.

Do smart shopping, saving products at the limit of expiry

Keeping products at the expiry limit, buying food at affordable prices, is not only a gesture of wallet saving, but also an environmental saving gesture. SI can concretely contribute to the fight against food waste by doing my shopping: many applications offer services of this type. With the Express service of GlovoFor example, it is possible to buy the “Save the Food Packs” at the price of 4.99 euros, containing fresh and dry foods, dairy products and drinks still in excellent condition, but close to the expiry date. Phoenix (which a year after its launch in Italy announces that it has concluded a new round of financing for an amount of 15 million euros and has saved 200 million meals) works both from a B2B and B2C point of view, in donating unsold products to associative benefits, offering training to support merchants: the service is active in the cities of Milan, Turin and Bologna, with digital tools dedicated to the world of mass distribution, which speed up the management of deadlines and optimize promotional sales, with the objective of increasing the profitability and efficiency of the supermarket. Finally, we report Eatalywhich offers “outlet” corners on its market, where products close to expiry are sold at reduced prices.

Buy vegetables that would be discarded in conventional circuits

f.burps and seasonal vegetables, usually discarded due to their odd shapes, can get a second chance thanks to reality Babaco Marketwho delivers at home whole boxes of vegetables that do not pass the selection in the traditional channels, risking being thrown away. On the occasion of the International Food Waste and Loss Awareness Day, Babaco itself has commissioned BVA-Doxa to conduct research with Italian data on the topic of food waste from which emerges the gap between knowledge and awareness of the phenomenon (96% of respondents, in fact, say they have a clear perception of it, but only 43% know its extent) and the anti-waste behaviors currently adopted in Italy (portioning and freezing food, 46%, favoring foods close to maturity (38%), buying durable/long-life products (37%), buying smaller sizes (30%), adopting a weekly menu ( 25%) and buy on specialized sites vs anti-waste (8%).

Readings in the name of the fight against food waste

Until the last crumb

How to use leftover food? There are books born to answer this question. Among the latest releases, we highlight Until the last minute of Manuela Conti (Guido Tommasi Editore), which will be in bookstores from October 7: a volume entirely devoted to recovery of bread left on the table, with anti-waste recipes, from four different breads, designed to spread a conscious kitchen, according to the art of saving. Those who feel like shopping can then also think about rebuilding the household appliance stock on behalf of no waste.

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