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from appetizer to dessert, the chef’s recipes without gas

Lick-bills also worries at the table. The significant increase in the cost of gas in fact, it risks making all dishes and therefore all meals resolutely “salty”, without concern for Italians, starting with gourmets and those passionate about eating well. Even Nobel Prize-winning physicist Giorgio Parisi went into the field, indeed he walked into the kitchen. On his social networks, at the beginning of the month, he recommended a “recipe” to save money: “After boiling the pasta, I put the gas on the minimum, so that it boils very low without consuming gas. You can also try to turn it off obviously so that it consumes even less and I think the pasta will cook anyway”. This “I think” has intrigued more than one, but it has seduced many less. And the debate immediately broke out, between experimenters and purists.

The so-called passive kitchen has its roots in the 18th century, but what convinces in theory, in practice does not always conquer the palate. In reality, there are methods to reduce consumption, without reducing taste. We asked five chefs for meat, fish and even vegetarian recipes, to be prepared without gas and, as far as possible, without “additional” electricity. Make way for marinades, “cooking” in the refrigerator and mini-kitchen appliances replaced by the dexterity and gestures of grandmothers. The result is a special menu, which from starter to dessert, seduces the eyes and the palate, without touching the bills. For a kitchen you love, it’s good for your mood and your pockets.

The expensive addition rediscovers the fire extinguished kitchen: advice from the chefs

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“An excellent aperitif can also be prepared without fire and without electricity – he explains Nico Mastroianni, chef of the Santo Bevitore, in Cassino – we can laugh at the Chianina, marinated in a siphon, an instrument now more present in homes than in restaurants. The marinade is prepared with a hint of vanilla, extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt. Thirty minutes is enough. No fear for those who do not have a siphon, you can still prepare the dish without “additional” consumption. Simply store the pickle marinade in the refrigerator. Consumption therefore remains ordinary. “The siphon ensures faster times, a more pronounced color and flavor but with an hour, an hour and a half in the fridge, the dish is ready”. In the recipe, also an apple, sliced, seasoned with oil, salt and lime. “Basically it’s tartare, then apple, Dijon mustard, raw porcini mushrooms, herbs to taste”.


You can also save on consumption with a fish appetizer. “You take a prawn, shell it and marinate it with lime, a drop of soy sauce, a drizzle of oil and Maldon salt – explains the starred chef Dominique Stile of the Enoteca la Torre, in Rome – Meanwhile, with the head, combined with lime juice, oil, water, a few drops of anchovy sauce, a cold emulsion is prepared, in putting it in the blender for thirty seconds”. It can also be done by hand. “A fork is enough, as they used to do.” Then we think about the basics. “We use peeled ripe kiwis, which are worked with a little oil, salt and Sichuan pepper. They can also be used simply crushed with a fork”. And the dish consists of: “The kiwi goes to the base, then the prawns seasoned with the vinaigrette obtained from the heads. It can be served with a salad with kiwi cubes”.


Pasta and rice which, to be prepared, require the use of fires, can be replaced by a delicious gazpacho. “Red tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil, a red pepper and a yellow pepper are the ideal ingredients to prepare a gazpacho, an excellent starter – says the chef Alessandro Circiello, well-known Rai face – it is tasty and respects nutritional principles. Peppers, eaten raw, are rich in vitamin C and are very digestible unlike cooked peppers. Even a tomato eaten raw retains all of its vitamin C.” The ingredients are then passed all together, here in the blender, or by hand. “The gazpacho thus obtained is then served, seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil – comments Circiello – and garnished with fresh sprouts or, alternatively, many aromatic herbs of that season”.


“Anchovies, sea bass, in general local fish, are ideal for a second course based on marinated fish – says the chef Paolo Cacciani, in Frascati, a tasteful address that celebrates a hundred years of history this year – the fish must be bought fresh and kept in the freezer for twenty-four hours. Still frozen, it must be cut into not too high slices. In a ceramic tray, it is marinated with a lemon or a lime, half a glass of prosecco and half of tomato water”. These three elements, combined, give a particular flavor to the dish. “Add crushed whole garlic, salt, pepper and chilli to taste, herbs”. The marinade time depends on the palate: “From five minutes to one hour maximum for those who want a ceviche effect. It depends on the taste”. It is served with a salad. “The slices of fish are placed on a bed of lightly seasoned mixed salad. It is seasoned with herbs and a drizzle of oil”.


Paying attention to consumption does not mean giving up dessert. “Taking up the Italian tradition, ricotta and pears can be combined – he advises Vincenzo Guarino, chef of Tavola Rossa, at the castle of Postignano – a creamy pear is prepared, combined with ricotta and a little icing sugar. It is assembled with a whisk, with two sheets of gelatin dissolved beforehand”. At this point we have to think about the mold. “You can use cylindrical ones, but they are also easily found in pear shapes. It can be served even more simply, without a mould, by placing the mousse in a glass, on a base of crumbled biscuits”. Cookies are also useful when using the mold. “They crumble on the mousse to give it some crunch. The molds should be kept in the freezer for about three hours. If the dessert is eaten the same day, the fridge is sufficient. It goes well with brunoise pears and is decorated with a mint leaf”.

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