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From Richetti’s Murder to Germany Cheering Letta: What a Bad Election Campaign

Probably the lowest blow, with five days left to vote, is the mud campaign against the senator of Action-Third Pole Matteo Richetti. Without any verification, distorting already known facts, the senator was accused of abuse when he declared, on the contrary, almost a year ago, to have been the victim of harassment. Taking bits and pieces of a story here and there, more or less well-known feminists rushed off, demanding, despite everything, the senator’s head. On the identity of the hand, you can only make inferences, then we stop here.

I’m sorry that tal Francesco Petrazzuolo yesterday he came out with a tweet and a photo of the secretary dem Enrico Letta who is “with the victim”. “On the one hand, the arrogance, the criminalization of the victim, the attack on free journalism; on the other hand, the protection of those who suffer and freedom of expression. The Moral Abyss or Civilization. Choose,” Petrazzuolo wrote. The secretary dem probably doesn’t know. The Daily eventwho shortly after fanpage he investigated and wrote about the story, yesterday he explained that “he had received anonymous reports, after clarifications and a request for an appointment the girl (who never complained, editor’s note) deleted the account”. Result: a trial in absentia and the conviction of a citizen who was also a senator. Watch case of a Third pole which disturbs everyone, on the left as on the right and the 5 stars.

But this is in fact only the last low blow of an election campaign as bad as ever. Where everyone is against everyone – and so far there are – but everyone is against everyone even within coalitions. Those who then, one or the other, should take the political leadership of the country at a very difficult time. Where it takes competent leaders and certainly not “won” victories through poisons and settling of scores and promises that know of an exchange vote. In the end, the voters will know how to be superior to these low and decadent dynamics. Personal attacks: this is the path also chosen by Giuseppe Conte. Saturday provoked Matteo Renzi, “Try to come here in the south and say you want to cancel the basic income. You who take tokens to give lectures to your Saudi friends…”. Obviously, there is no reference to the fact that the income measure was poorly designed and written worse (29,000 reported for fraud by January 2021 at August 22, GdiF data). The problem is that on Sunday, the leader of Italia viva organized an electoral event just in Palermo where he was to go, after reporting to the Ministry of the Interior, with a double escort given the number of threats that came through social networks after Conte’s instigation.

The Minister Lamorgese was also implicated by Giorgia Meloni who always on weekends at Caserta found a protest from LGBT community for the defense of gay rights. “Do not touch Peppa Pig (guilty, the 4-year-old protagonist of the English cartoon, of having a friend with two mothers, editor’s note)” indicated the placards of the demonstrators immediately expelled from the demonstration while the leader of the Brothers of Italy shouted: “Enough, there is someone here who is looking for the accident, but we will not accept provocations. Minister Lamorgese where are you????.
Yesterday, however, he directly attacked the government for having allowed “provocations against the opposition” because thegerman speed said it would be “important that Letta wins and not the post-fascist Meloni”.

If it was excessive, let’s say false, to evoke the risk of fascism and to tell stories Melons like a new Mussolini, it certainly doesn’t help Salvini who says every day “no more sanctions against Russia”, tickling the belly of a country in serious economic difficulty. As if the sanctions weren’t the result of an attack on democracies like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We could write a book about the personal and instrumental attacks of this strange electoral campaign. We also put in the news the file of the 007 Americans on the money of Moscow (300 million from 2014 to today) to influence the vote in twenty countries. The case was closed by the Prime Minister Dragons within 48 hours of contacting the US State Department directly: “Italy is not on the list”. This does not mean that “the hired puppets” (cit. Draghi) in the service of Cheese fries and sovereignists.

The truth is that the phony noise of these attacks hides the emptiness of the political proposition on the ground. Fate willed – but it was quite predictable – that the entire election campaign had a single theme: the energy crisis. The problem is that the recipes for facing and emerging from this type of crisis are those of the Draghi government this 5 stars, Lega, Forza Italia And Brothers from Italy (still in opposition) which they shot down on a sweltering Thursday in July. The chaos of the political offer is thus amplified to the cube. The difference is not only between the coalitions but within them. Melons wants the budget gap, Salvini he wants to lift the sanctions. Fratelli d’Italia claims the primacy of national law over European law (“Europe is right to be afraid, finally there will be someone who will watch over the interests of Italians”) Berlusconi raise your finger and voice: “We have always in the EPP, never with Orban nor against Europe”. Go Italy And Brothers from Italy they see an Italy from north to south, in Pontida on Sunday League swore to the cry: “regional autonomy”.

On the center-left, foreign policy, environmental and labor policies are also dividing heads. More state or less state? The question of the parts of the Nazarene coalition is very uncomfortable. Health disappeared from the electoral campaign because, in silence, League And Brothers from Italy they can keep winking no vax who otherwise takes them all Comparison And Italexit. With you yes 5 stars mount the Basic income. They couldn’t do anything else given the government’s four and a half year budget. The Third Pole, for its part, has the consistency of wanting to continue with the Draghi method and agenda and during the gatherings we talk about objectives and possible recipes. Also Lily he does, he tries, but then the tactic of talking more about others than about himself prevails.
Fortunately, we vote on Sunday.

Journalist from Florence, graduated in Italian literature with 110 cum laude. Twenty years at Repubblica, nine at L’Unità.

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