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Fruit and vegetable soup by Raffaele Lenzi

Gourmet, fresh, original: these are the Summer 2022 dishes designed by chefs from all over the beautiful country. From the north to the south of Italy, tradition and creativity, between the scent of salt and the fresh flavors of our hinterland: the creations of our chefs will accompany your summer. And with their recipes you can also surprise your guests at home. Ladies and gentlemen: summer is served!

Fruits and vegetables in one dish, which concludes a tasting menu that values ​​the natural world, Vegetables, tubers & roots. The fruit and vegetable soup of the cook Raffaele Lenzi restaurant To the lake of The Serene5-star luxury hotel on Lake Como, is a combination of fresh flavors, which vary according to the season.

“In common with the traditional minestrone, on my plate, we find celery, carrots and peas to which I decided to add cucumber, raspberries, coconut, purple potatoes it’s a ginger and honey jelly“. The dish, summer-spring in this expression, also has an autumn counterpart, which we will discover shortly, in which peas are replaced by oranges, lemongrass by almonds and coconut by chocolate.

Recipe for 4 people

For the lemongrass milk

350g milk
180g cream
33g glucose
63 g of sugar
5 pieces of lemongrass
The zest of half a lemon

For the lemongrass rock
350g lemongrass milk
63g white chocolate
7 drops of lemongrass essence
20 drops of lemon
180g cream
5g gelatin
3g lecithin
1 g of albumin

For the green shiso sponge
50g green shiso
50g white cane sugar
50 g low type 1 wheat flour (160 W)
6 whole eggs
Green food coloring to taste

For maltodextrin stones
200g melted white chocolate
12 g maltodextrin
Raspberry powder to taste

For the fake raspberries
100g raspberry purée
7g white cane sugar
7.5g glass fish

For the pickled cucumber
100g rice vinegar
50g white cane sugar
400 g of cucumber brunoise

For the ginger and honey jelly
125g of water
13g fresh ginger
25g wildflower honey
4 drops of lemon
1.5g agar agar

For the coconut cream
100g coconut milk
1g agar agar

For the pea soup
300g peas
600g sparkling water
2g ascorbic acid
2g salt
20g honey

For the zucchini flower and green shiso tempura
200g rice flour
100g weak type 1 flour
100g cornstarch
40 g baking powder
100g sparkling water
4 courgette flowers
4 green shiso leaves
Sunflower oil to taste

For the purple chips
8-12 purple potatoes
Salt to taste
Sunflower oil to taste

For the finish
8 thin slices of green asparagus
4 small zucchini, sliced
8 sprigs of sparkling lettuce
8 thin slices of purple carrot
8 thin slices of carrot
2 cherries, halved
4 thin slices of mango
16 sticks of green apple
4 julienned jackdaws
4 edamame
4 wild strawberries
4 slices of dried strawberries
8 lemongrass leaves
8 stevia leaves
8 mint leaves
8 lemon balm leaves
8 red basil leaves
8 oxalis clover leaves
8 wild fennel leaves
8 chervil leaves
16 candied lemon zest

Leader Raffaele Lenzi

For the lemongrass milk
Finely chop the lemongrass. Toast. Cook it in a vacuum bag, with all the other ingredients, at 85°C for 2 hours. Leave to infuse overnight. Mixed. Filtered.

For the lemongrass rock
Heat the milk with the lemongrass and lemon essence. Add melted white chocolate. Off the heat, mix the cream, gelatin, lecithin and albumin. To mix together. Put in the siphon 500 ml with 2 charges. Shake the siphon every 15 minutes for an hour and a half. Siphon onto a cold plate and chill.

For the green shiso sponge
Macerate the shiso with the sugar for 5 hours. Add remaining ingredients. Blend with a food processor. Place the mixture in a 500 ml siphon with a filler. Leave to rest in the refrigerator. Siphon into a 1/6 container. Cook for 1 and a half minutes in the microwave. Before removing the stones from the container, place them upside down on the workbench and let them sit for 2 minutes to prevent them from flattening.

For maltodextrin stones
Mix maltodextrin and chocolate into balls. Grill them in the pan for 3-4 minutes, then coat them in the raspberry powder.

For the fake raspberries
Blend the raspberries in an immersion blender. Filter through a fine sieve to obtain a puree. Add the sugar and bring to 60°C in a saucepan. Add the gelatin previously soaked in cold water. Pour the hot mixture into raspberry-shaped molds and leave to gel for at least a few hours in the refrigerator.

For the pickled cucumber
Put the ingredients in osmosis with the vacuum chamber machine, closing the vegetables immersed in the marinade in a bag. Open the bag and drain the brunoise from the liquid.

For the ginger and honey jelly
Mix all the ingredients and boil. Mix and filter in a ¼ Gastronorm plate. Let gel. Cut into 0.5cm squares.

For the coconut cream
Mix the two cold ingredients and bring to a boil. Leave to gel overnight. Mix with a mixer.

For the pea soup
Mix the ingredients with a food processor. Filter on fine Chinese. Vacuum seal overnight with 11g of peppermint tea. Filtered.

For the zucchini flower and green shiso tempura
Prepare the tempura mixture by mixing the rice flour, type 1 flour, cornstarch and baking powder. Make a tempura batter with 25g of tempura mix and 25g of sparkling water. Dip shiso leaves and cleaned zucchini flower petals in tempura and fry in sunflower oil at 140°C. Leave to dry on a plate covered with absorbent paper.

For the purple chips
Peel the purple potatoes and cook them in water and salt, then drain them. Mix by adding a little cooking water to obtain a cream. Spread a very thin layer on Silpat and let it dry. Fry very quickly.

For the finish
At the bottom of the dish, form a circle with the coconut cream. Continue with 2 pieces of green shiso biscuit and with all the other ingredients arranged in a circle on the cream, in order to give the dish as much movement and volume as possible. In the center, arrange the lemongrass rock, on which will be placed 4/5 cubes of cucumber brunoise and the candied lemon zest. Pour in the pea soup.


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