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Future food maker for Meta

A look at tomorrow. Maybe that’s why social networks were born or in any case that’s certainly what they were and are: a window on the world that is constantly changing, with new sensibilities and new professionalisms appearing. , and times that pass quickly. At the center of this whirlwind there has always been Facebook first and then Meta, which today has decided to mark a point, to create a turning point in this magnum of mare, by setting up a communication campaign which already resembles a merit award: Creators of Tomorrow. Designed to highlight the different talents that, on a global level, contribute to the birth of a new way of understanding digital communication. A project that already looks like a reward because choosing only a few, then working on them “in close collaboration to help them develop their audience and transform their passions into professions, thanks to the opportunities offered by our technologies” is certainly a significant choice on the part of the technological giant.

“The creators of tomorrow they have huge career opportunities ahead of them. They were selected because they stand out in their online communities and because they demonstrate an innovative approach in the creation of video content, in the use of technology and in the proposal of content. original and engaging entertainment: qualities that we are sure will be a fundamental element in the evolution of the metaverse “. Of these, 150 in total, 10 are Italian for a total of decidedly cross-cutting subjects and personalities Regarding the gastronomy and wine sector – and food in general – two profiles have been chosen, which has three people (one is a duo), or rather three women: on the one hand the couple behind the Cibosupersonico profile, and on the other Chiara’s Cakery, which has placed pastry at the center of its professional discourse as much as it is communicative and professional.

The Cibosupersonico photographed by Simone Goglia

Important recognition, the reception of which speaks volumes not only about the people who received it, but about the whole movement and how much digital and food can do for each other. “We are certainly very happy to have been selected by Meta to represent Italy in this beautiful project” they explain Francesca Farello (cook Chiara Ratti (social media manager), the two souls and the couple behind supersonic food, a page specializing in the topics of sustainability, social inclusion and plant-based food. “Being able to address delicate but fundamental subjects, such as the climate crisis, gender discrimination, feminism, the taboo of disease and much more through plant-based cuisine is a work that we have been carrying out with commitment and infinite love for six years now. year. . we are not a pop profile: those who follow us will find ideas to think about on a daily basis, but also much, much beauty”. In either case, digital is not the end of the journey or the end, but a physical moment of communication. “Being designers” explains Cibosupersonico, “is a full-time job and for all intents and purposes. Telling stories, describing experiences, taking photos, shooting videos, writing texts that everyone can understand is demanding both in terms of time and emotion, at least as far as we are concerned. Moreover, our work does not stop on this screen, on the contrary, it is only the beginning.”

Chiara's Bakery & nbsp;

Chiara’s Bakery

A path therefore, which touches people even beyond the contents offered, at least according to Chiara’s Bakery: “I think that being a Creator implies a great responsibility because inevitably, by creating content and showing our daily life, we also end up transmitting our values ​​and often let our dreams and our personal way of seeing things shine through. the false myths to dispel are those relating to large numbers, today you do not need to have a large audience to be able to work with social networks, what is important is the relationship we have with our followers . Everyone can do it. posting a photo once in a while is a very demanding job where attention to detail is fundamental, often all of this does not show through on the screens”.

The future this is certainly the common denominator of the work of the two projects. On the one hand we speak of language “in continuous evolution, also based on the evolution of people’s needs, in fact at the moment we are moving more and more towards video content as summarized as possible. People moved by the frenzy of each day and from the little time available, they want to have a solution to the problem or the need as quickly as possible”, explains Chiara’s Bakery, explaining how the motto and the methods of expression change with society. ” So let’s go for the super fast step-by-step tutorial recipes, which in a few seconds are able to explain each step of the dessert in question, I assure you that it is not at all easy to complete the preparation of ‘a cake, maybe 1 hour in, in just 60 seconds’. On the one hand, the medium, on the other content with a more purely futuristic theme, for Fariello and Ratti: “In the future, we see a kitchen with low environmental impact – and therefore obviously vegetable. Another important theme is the discovery of a new ABC of raw materials: it has been realized over all these years that people – and often also in the catering world – do not have the slightest idea of ​​the myriad of raw materials that are not considered for the creation of new dishes, complete, healthy and based Finally, we see an anti-waste kitchen: drying and fermentation are practices that we have been using for some time, but we hope that ‘they will increasingly take up space in everyone’s kitchens too’. Because social media can and is an example. ‘They are the new television for young people, so what is shared for us also has value’ educational’. Many may not understand it, but being here is also a big responsibility.”

Who is Chiara’s Cakery: “Chiara in 2016 created her blog “Chiara’s Cakery” to show everyone how beautiful and fun baking is, by sharing step-by-step photos and videos of her recipes. Her dream is to make this passion a real job and doing what he loves the most every day”.

Who are Cibosupersonico: “Cibosupersonico is the project of Francesca Fariello and Chiara Ratti that was created to share and experience new expressions of plant-based cuisine, which they serve with dinners and cooking classes dedicated to the discovery of innovative and sensory culinary experiences Through social media, they document their pollution reduction projects”.


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