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Gambero Rosso Street Food Guide 2023. All Winners

The seventh edition of guide Gambero Rosso street foodcreated in collaboration with Marguerite Landthe only national map that guides readers between ancient Italian gastronomic traditions and the most innovative projects in the sector.

The figures speak for themselves: a study by the international agency Deloitte describes in 2021, for the post-pandemic, a general recovery of the restaurant sector and exponential growth for street food (+21.3% ) and delivery (+53.7%). Beyond the cold data, 9 years after the publication of the first Street Food guide by Gambero Rosso (it was in 2013, a geological era ago), we can say that the scenario of Italian street food has changed. And for the better.

We’ve always had what many others lack: roots. The tradition of street food in Italy has existed and persisted for centuries, very strong in certain regions, describing not only the gastronomic history, but in general the very physiognomy of certain places. Would cities like Naples, Palermo and Florence be the same without the markets, the alleys, the men who make street food? Would Rome be Rome without pizza by the slice?

Street food today

What has however been strongly observed in recent years is that, even in the less suitable areas, street food exists today and is also of an excellent standard. After the bubble, the explosion of fashion – with all the flaws that fashions bring with them, from soulless formats to mass production halls – the era of maturity has arrived, with a settlement on proposals for quality. Don’t get me wrong: not everything you find under the label “street” is reliable, indeed, the traps of bad marketing flock to every street corner, especially in large cities, especially in historical centers. This is why we feel even more of a responsibility to be a guide, a good guide.

Since the average level has increased, we have tried to skim, developing a publication that increasingly focuses on less formal proposals, quick to use, affordable, without losing sight of elements that are no longer prescindable today: the quality of ingredients and condiments, sustainable conditions – from a regulatory and hygienic point of view – of administration activities. We are not nostalgic for hard and pure folklore, but we are looking for the good and the healthy also and above all in everyday food, in street food.

Street Food Guide 2023. Awards and News

Basically, that’s what we want to tell you in this volume, through the addresses (473 in total), the fascinating stories of certain preparations, the most typical recipes, which you will find illustrated with greed and enthusiasm by Gaia Niola. Which also evoked a completely rural setting – the true “splendid setting” of the Preview event held last July in the vineyards of the Terre Margaritelli di Torgiano company – for the new annex dedicated to food trucks, who valiantly cross Italy between markets, deliveries and festivals, more and more numerous. In the guide, 70 are selected.

Leafing through the first pages, here is the list of Regional Champions, the recognition that the Gambero Rosso team reserves for the activities – one for each region – which, during the year in question, have stood out for their work: the image that emerges represents a culture of street food which now mixes typicality and exotic contamination (various awards – winning “ethnic” restaurants), ancient tradition (with almost century-old signs) and new and innovative formulas. The syncretism itself is at the heart of the special prize Street food as a chef, attributed in this edition to Marcello Trentino, famous Turinese chef from Magorabin and CasaMago, who, in the menu of the latter place, has fun delighting his guests with author’s reinterpretations of international street food: his quesadillas with black truffles and honey are appreciated and remembered.

Street Food 2023. The web section
Discover all the winners, i Regional champions yes Special rewardsin Web Section Street Food dedicated to driving.


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