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Giallozafferano launches a set of NFTs dedicated to the most popular dishes

For the first time, the great recipes of Italian cuisine become digital collectiblesthanks to yellow saffron. Mardi, the food media brand of Mondadori Group presented its first series of NFT15 digital works dedicated to the most loved Italian dishes in the world, prepared by some of the most renowned chefs on the national scene according to the traditional recipe and transformed into a limited NFT edition thanks to the blockchain.

The first 4 works of the project, born in collaboration with the media agency MDGs Italy and developed in collaboration with the company specializing in NFT Acta Fintechare already available on the Opensea platform at the price of 99 euros. There are the Saffron risotto multi-starred Alessandro Negrini; the Tiramisu traditional of Frau Knam and the special version of Ernst Knam; the Pizza Margarita of the world champion Davide Civiliello and the Bacon and egg of Luciano Monosiliothe chef who made it into an haute cuisine dish.

(in the photo, from left: Fabien TalianiCEO of ACTA Fintech, Andrea SantagataCEO of Mondadori Media, Giorgia Paloschistrategic director of OMD Italy, Fulvio Pravadelligeneral manager of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano)

Each plate was photographed by Marianna Santoni, a reference artist in digital photography at the international level, to then transform into NFT. The proceeds from the sale of the works will be donated to food Bank.

“Always Giallozafferano is at the forefront of seizing the innovations offered by digital – he said Andrea Santagata, CEO of Mondadori Media -. Now let’s take a step further, arriving in the Metaverse to digitally certify, for the first time, the great recipes of Italian cuisine: an important project, which was born around three objectives: innovatebringing the most authentic and representative recipes of the country’s culinary culture into the virtual world; protect and spread Made in Italyselecting the best of its products and guarantee its authenticity thanks to blockchain technology; do goodarguing food Bankto give food to those who need it most.

The advantages reserved for Giallozafferano NFT owners

The initiative was presented at a special event at the headquarters of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, to which Giallozafferano donated the first NFT of Risotto with Saffron, so that it will be preserved forever in the archives of the institution. In fact, each recipe will be created 99 specimensone of which will be for an organization, while the remaining 98 will be marketed.

(In the photo Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media, with the chefs who signed the Giallozafferano NFT recipes: from left to right, Alessandro Negrini, Frau Knam, Ernst Knam, Luciano Monosilio, Davide Civitiello)

Anyone who buys Giallozaferano NFTs will receive a numbered and certified token. Each NFT will give the opportunity to see the exclusive recipe, correlated by an in-depth text with its history, in Italian and English, and to participate in a special Virtual master classfrom September: a unique experience to learn all the secrets of a perfect dish directly in the skilled hands of the person who signed the recipe.

For each recipe, it will also be auctioned 1 NFT special editionat the base price of 5,000 euros: one is reserved for the owner showcooking exclusive with the chef who created the dish in the Giallozafferano studios it’s a private dinner for 4 people.

During this year, the collection will be enriched by 11 most iconic recipes, to then continue in 2023 with other dishes of Italian cuisine. “With this project, we cross the borders of the metaverse to preserve the original recipes of the world’s most beloved cuisine, but this can be the start of an important journey, in fact, we believe that NFTs can become a platform. important business and service form,” he says. always called Santagata.

Giallozafferano thus confirms its innovative DNA. “The magazine was born on the web, and around social networks it has created the largest community of foodbloggers in the country and among the most important also internationally: with more than 40 million followers, including more than 20 on the foreign platform, we are the fourth most followed media brand in the world on social networksreveals the CEO of Mondadori Media, who adds that this area is one of the main growth drivers also at the business level. “Special projects that are born on social networks are growing by double digits. Not only for Giallozafferano, but for all our brands, the digital collection is going very well and we will end the first semester on a positive note, above the market average”.


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