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Giorgia Meloni today in Caserta: “Legality, work and tourism for the South”

He is ready for a walkabout in Campania. Giorgia Meloni, decided to hold its meeting in Campania in Caserta and many supporters’ coaches from all the provinces are already mobilized to attend the electoral meeting which will see the Fdi leader arrive in Terra di Lavoro. The appointment is for this afternoon, at 5:30 p.m., at Square Dante. However, Caserta should not be a unique stopover for Campania: on Friday, before the final meeting of the electoral campaign in Rome on Piazza del Popolo, the president of the Fdi could also arrive in Naples. Meanwhile, there is already a fever of expectation in Caserta for today’s intervention by the former minister. The leader will be surrounded by all the candidates and candidates for the Politics of next September 25 in all the colleges and districts of Campania. The fight against illegality, work and tourism will be the cornerstones of the intervention that the president of the Brothers of Italy will hold in Caserta, but in the sights of the center-right leader there should also be many blows against the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca.

The party of the tricolor flame has chosen Caserta as a stopover in Campania also to give a clear signal in a land crossroads of migrations, but also of strategic productions in the agri-food sector, especially the mozzarella supply chain. It is not excluded that Giorgia Meloni could meet some of the breeders who in recent months have been on a war footing due to the effects of the slaughter of buffaloes due to brucellosis. As expected by the Fdi regional adviser, Alphonse Piscitelli, Meloni has on his table, for several days, a very detailed, thorough and rigorous file on the Caserta buffalo litigation. “Regarding the serious responsibilities of the regional government in the aggressive slaughter of the buffaloes – explains Piscitelli – it is obviously a question of politics and lobbying rather than a health problem. I am convinced, knowing Meloni’s sensitivity and determination well, that from the Caserta stage, we will have very positive signs for breeders, for the buffalo supply chain, for a heritage of excellence that someone one would like to destroy for unclear interests which I hope will emerge as soon as possible. the sunlight”.

If the theme is most felt in Terra di Lavoro, Meloni will however focus a lot on the South project you have in mind. These days the last kilometer of the electoral campaign, the leader of the Fdi devotes it to the cities of the South: yesterday she was in Bari, this morning she will be in Matera before arriving in Campania. On citizenship income, for example, Meloni does not want to drive out the 5 Star Movement and all the other parties that have lined up for the subsidy at all. For her, citizenship income should only be given to those who really cannot work. “In the South – says Meloni – I will tell the truth. And the truth is that if the citizenship income, for those who can work, is a measure that leaves people in their difficulty to depend on politics also for the vote, I think we have to do something different: maintain the decent support system for those unable to work. But for those able to work between the ages of 18 and 60, the real challenge is finding work. And I will explain to southern Italy how it can be done”. Among the receipts is that of investments in tourism, which Fdi considers a priority sector for reviving the South and Campania. In the immediate future, if the center-right asserts itself in the elections and leads the next government, the leader of the FDI believes that a lightning intervention is essential to calm the price of the bills.

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