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“Good food”, Antonella Viola in the kitchen: tips and recipes to feel good at the table

On the left, Antonella Viola. On the right, a recipe from the book

Does fat-free mean eating healthier? Do you need to cut out carbs to lose weight? Is cane sugar better than white sugar? To these questions and many others, he answers in an agile and scientific way the new book by immunologist Antonella Viola Good food. Advice, ideas and recipes for our well-being and that of the planet (Gribaudo editions, 240 pages). The written essay four hands with Daniele Nucci, dietician and researcher of the Iov (Venetian Institute of Oncology).

Eat well and protect your health

Food and sustainability, but also food and immune defenses, how to do good for the body, the mind and the planet in clear and detailed chapters and with ten recommended men, who combine science and nutrition. Why a nutrition book? Because food can be one of the most powerful allies of our health – explains Antonella Viola -, providing us with the energy and matter necessary to build our body, keep it healthy, fight infections, repair wounds , regenerate tissues. And through the gut microbiota, foods can directly regulate the immune system. The incipit of the first chapter clarifies from the outset why everything (or a lot) revolves around nutrition. Food. There are those who love it and those who come to hate it, those who see it as a gratification, those who see it as a problem, those who see it as fundamental to health and those who think it does not. is useful only to satisfy a primary need. One thing is certain: food is a constant and necessary presence in our lives and we must learn how to make the most of it for our health. Because of this Antonella Viola and Daniele Nucci, start from the false myths of nutrition, to how to compose a balanced dish, with microbiota and immune system, to the shopping list for a healthy diet, including recipes and men designed to protect the immune system. Our hope that it will be a useful book – explains Antonella Viola -. Useful in combating scientific misinformation about nutritionto understand how to eat with taste and intelligence and regain that inner and outer balance that we have unfortunately lost in recent decades.

Too much misinformation

On the subject of misinformation, a nutrition classic demonizes carbs. To lose weight you have to eliminate carbohydrates, many diets are repeated. Nothing could be more false – warn Viola and Nucci -. This a widespread and very dangerous belief because it leads to wrong and harmful diets. Carbohydrates should be the main source of calories. Their elimination causes major metabolic imbalances. And they emphasize instead: To lose weight, you must first drastically reduce simple sugarsi (especially those of sugary drinks and sweets) e alcohol, reduce the portions and preferably use whole grains which, among other things, are very good for the microbiota. As a health buzzword, they suggest fiber. Explaining that fiber, although not a nutrient in the strict sense, has a determining nutritional role for our health. The main sources of fiber are vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. the amount of fiber we should consume per day is around 25 grams for adults.

ten men

Between ten men, from breakfast to dinner, healthy and delicious recipes such as purple tagliatelle with courgette cream and curry, purple potato and onion flans, leek cream, chickpea tart, red mullet fillets with sweet and sour tomatoes, buckwheat pancakes with soy, fresh fruit and nuts, pear plumcake and many more.

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