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Gragnano celebrated the queen of the table: pasta

Si the event ended with great success with the public “Gragnano 2022” dedicated to the queen of the table: pasta.

The Protection Consortium has managed to put one of the emblematic Made in Italy dishes back in the spotlight with the 19th edition of the event, which has returned after two years of forced suspension. The streets and buildings of the city of Campania have welcomed thousands of gastronomic visitors who have had the opportunity to taste the emblematic product of the Campania region in all its sauceswho also kept the doors open for the occasion.

A big party dedicated to pasta

A big party made up of recipes, conviviality, workshops, conferences, cultural encounters and show cooking led by local chefs celebrating pasta, the only durum wheat semolina with the IGP labelfrom the central Via Roma, where in the past it was dried.

The good life

To complete the proposals based on Pasta di Gragnano Igp, the products of some of the most important Italian consortia such as Grana Padano Dop, Mozzarella and Ricotta di Bufala Campana Dop, Gorgonzola Dop, Provolone del Monaco Dop, Asti Docg, Associazione Colatura di Alici di Cetara Dop and Associazione Produttori Dop Sorrento Peninsula.

How to cook Gragnano pasta?

Pasta di Gragnano Igp is recognized for the straw yellow color, the intense aroma of ripe wheat and the wrinkled surface that the bronze dies give itbut what is the right way to cook Pasta di Gragnano Igp?

The answer came from 18 chefs from Campania, including 13 from Gragnano with 5 stars, which alternate in the kitchen between show cooking and tastings. In the Pasta Hub in Piazza Aldo Moro, nine chefs, coordinated by Alfonso Download, owner of the House Download Cooking Classput themselves to the test with numerous showcookings, which were followed by the exhibition of the Fusillare, the guardians of the Gragnanaise tradition of artisanal pasta.

Gragnano celebrated the queen of the table: pasta

Fight against harassment and attention to social problems

Inside the cloister where the future will dawn MuPaG, the Pasta Museum of Gragnanothe social issue of bullying and cyberbullying was also addressed

The central moment was the first edition of “Gragnano, town of pasta”given to the association “Fare X Bene” active in the fight against harassment, cyber-harassment and gender-based violence.

The Protection Consortium

Born in 2003 of the union of historic pasta producers from the Campania municipality of the same name, today the guardian of the long tradition that has made the “city of pasta” known throughout the world. Thanks to the Consortium, in 2013 Pasta di Gragnano obtained the Protected Geographical Indication mark, all the more significant as it is the first community recognition of quality awarded to pasta in Italy and Europe. The Igp guarantees the origin and quality of the product and, in the case of Gragnano pasta, testifies to a centuries-old tradition.

The commitment of 16 Members who today make up the Consortium took a new step on January 18, 2019 with the official recognition of the protection function.

Gragnano Igp pasta can be produced only in the territory of the Municipality of Gragnanoan area of ​​only 15 km², a unique place for the particular microclimate due to the location between the sea and the Lattari mountains of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Gragnano celebrated the queen of the table: pasta

The history of Gragnano pasta

Among the essential conditions for transformation, local pure spring water and durum wheat semolinaingredients that the Gragnanesi have used for the production of pasta since ancient times: the art of grinding that is at its origins it is documented from Roman timesbut it was in the 16th century that the first family pasta factories were born.

In 1845, Ferdinand II of Bourbon granted the Gragnanesi the great privilege of supplying the Court with all the long pasta. The act formally sanctions the investiture of Gragnano as “City of Pasta”, which in the middle of the 19th century engaged 75% of the population in the transformation of “macaroni” with more than 100 pasta factories.

Thanks to its extraordinary history, pasta in Gragnano is everywhere: on the table, in art, in the urban context and even in the landscape. The symbolic place of this synthesis is the Valle dei Mulini, a path between bridges and pebbles that allows you to visit the remains of a dozen old mills, to the restoration of which the Consortium has contributed within the framework of a vast plan of enhancement and recovery of local assets. On April 5, 2019, the first of these restorations, the Antico Mulino Porta Castello di Sopra, dating from 1616, was reactivated and returned to the city.

Today the Consortium for the Protection of Gragnano Igp Pasta, chaired by Massimo Mennais constantly committed to improving, promoting and protecting a product that is an emblem not only of Italian cuisine, but also of the sustainable, healthy and natural way of life that characterizes it.

Consortium pasta factories

The pasta factories of the consortium are: Pastificio Di Martino; The Gragnano Pasta Factory; Ancient Traditions of Gragnano; Pastificio de Campi; Gold of Gragnano; Gragnanesi Pasta Cooperative; Pastificio della Forma; The Mill of Gragnano; Pastificio D’Aniello; Antonio Massa pasta factory; Award-winning Pastificio Afeltra; Pastificio Lucio Garofalo; Liguori pasta factory; 28 Pasta machines; Pastificio Cuomo; Ducato D’Amalfi pasta factory.


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