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Halloween with children: decorations, costumes and recipes

Halloween approaches and with it also the thematic events. There are only a few days left, but this spooky party brings a lot of joy to children, who see it as a way to have fun between masked parties and scary jokes organized to measure.

halloween for kids it is the ideal party for events, decorations and games but also for fancy dress and cartoons. It is a set of initiatives in all regions of Italy where it is possible to spend a different day with the family.

Let’s find out together what are the proposals for the scariest party of the year.

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Halloween: entertainment for children

Among the most popular Halloween events for children there are undoubtedly those organized by the most famous amusement parks in Italy:

the video of the week

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Another fun way to spend Halloween day with the kids is to visit a castle: there is no shortage of initiatives in Italy: just search online for the castles in your area and consult the activities planned: from criminal dinners to escape rooms, workshops and shows, you will be spoiled selecting !

pumpkin patches

Finally, in recent years, pumpkin patching has also been spreading in Italy: it is an American tradition but which has already enchanted young and old alike, won over by the autumn atmosphere and the possibility of spending a day in the open air, among many fun activities and with the possibility of collecting and decorating your own pumpkin.

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Halloween: decorations

Exciting events mingle with themed decorations and games with several alternatives for the bravest children. Garlands to “furnish” the house, dark lanterns to brighten up the children who will pass through the houses shouting “trick or treat”, but also DIY crafts with the simplest materials like paper.

Pumpkins to buy at the supermarket to light up children’s rooms, sheets to turn into ghosts and hang on windows.

Green light also to Spider webs, easily purchased online as well as the essential plastic spiders: the children will have fun decorating their room, giving the room a really gloomy atmosphere!

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Halloween Costumes

For the Halloween costumes Common vampire tricks and terrifying disguises can also be made at home. On the net there are different solutions with thematic sites that they offer DIY Halloween Costumes.

Just use simple and inexpensive materials: toilet paper to create a mummy dress, the classic white sheet to make a little ghost for children.

To have a witch costume for a girl, on the other hand, you need a black coat, a worn scarf to pierce and put on your head and a carnival hat. With a bit of tulle it will also be possible to create a pretty little skirt, you can find the tutorial on this link.

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Green light also at Things, which prove to be a quick and effective solution to give an extra touch to any costume. A little of white to pale the complexion, a touch of black for dark circles: it takes very little to turn your child into a cute leprechaun or in a fearsome skeleton!


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Halloween crafts for kids

One of the funniest activities while waiting for Halloween is to make lots of funny ones you work with children.

The best is to indulge in creative recycling: rolls of toilet paper, cotton swabs, pieces of fabric, but also colored cardboard and non-toxic colors are the tools of the trade to materialize many simple ideas. In fact, a little imagination is enough to haunt the house with lots of cute little monsters, skeletons, ghosts And so on!

Even the wooden sticks of popsicles can be excellent supports for the funniest Spider websto be completed with white wool yarn to entertain children in creating a single frame, easy to create but very effective, especially if accompanied by a fearsome spider!

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Halloween: the scariest cartoons

Between cartoons for halloween there is more known “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”a terror classic also made in a Walt Disney version.

Also Winnie the Pooh and his companions adapted Halloween party and with the episode “My Friends Tigger and Pooh – Darby and the Halloween Affair”, available on Disney+cartoon characters will be busy solving mysterious and dark episodes.

Still waltz disney offers Halloween night with the cartoon protagonists Donald Duck, the three nephews and the wicked witch.

THE Halloween themed cartoons there are so many and designed for all ages. Among those for the little ones, we highlight Elephant’s First Halloweenand, an animated film starring Winnie The Pooh from 2005. For slightly older and more daring children, we offer Hotel Transylvania And Despicable Me. Finally, don’t forget the thematic episodes of certain series that are so popular with children: winx and halloween And Mickey on Halloween.

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Halloween books to read with kids

Among the tips for a monstrous Halloween, the one dedicated to books to read with children could not be missing.

The choice of the most suitable book is self-evident rated for age and sensitivity of the child: already from 2/3 years old for example it could be suitable The Witch Rossella by the legendary Julia Donaldson, while for older children it will be fun to see how the cute Mortinthe girl-zombie protagonist of a highly successful series of books.

Halloween could also be a great occasion for face your fearsand even in this case the choice of book can only be age related: the little ones can have fun with the funny story in rhyme of The furry monsterwhile for the older ones it could also be interesting a journey in the different fears with the 21 stories offear alphabet.

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Halloween with children: spooky recipes

Monstrous candies to mix with the little ones or candies to buy in the scariest shapes. With a little imagination, children can mix a lot of fear and fun, giving a pinch of originality to this party.

From appetizer to dessert, there is no shortage of ideas: the essentials will be black oliveswhich, if cut correctly, easily turn into perfect little spiders ready to infest pizzas or, if necessary, into eyes, noses and mouths perfect for decorating risotto alla pumpkin in Halloween version!


Savory pies Where pies they can be decorated with puff pastry or shortcrust pastry in the shape of Spider webbut to make one scary cake it will also be possible to bake a simple chocolate cake, scratch the surface a bit to give the idea of ​​loose earth and create a spooky graveyard with the car of some gravestone/cookie and maybe some Lego figures or Playmobil!


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Halloween coloring pages for kids

Finally, we end this roundup of ideas for Halloween with a selection of coloring pages at games to print on the theme: have fun and happy Halloween to all!

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