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HelloFresh, the meal kit giant debuts in Italy with 12 menus per week

Receive at home each week one or more boxes containing the exact ingredients to prepare a tasty recipe at home in 40 minutes maximum, whether for two or four people: this is the idea behind HelloFresh, founded in Berlin in 2011 and today multinational active in 15 countries. Since October 14, he has also been active in Italy and promises Italians to deepen their passion for good food. Among the proposals dishes of the Italian tradition, but also vegetarian and international. Basically, pay attention to the seasonality and local origin of the products

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HelloFresh, the multinational specializing in home meal kits, has also entered Italy a box containing the ingredients needed for its customers to cook a dinner in about 30-40 minutes, using the recipe in the box. Founded by Dominik Richter and Thomas Griesel in November 2011 in Berlin, and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since November 2017, HelloFresh, with a turnover of 3.7 billion euros, aims to transform the way people eat and cook, by making it accessible (in terms of cost and practicality), the preparation and consumption of healthy, quality and sustainable meals. Indeed HelloFresh collaborates with local producers who follow sustainable production criteria. HelloFresh is now also active in Italy from October 14 and has its headquarters in Milan, while the logistics center is in Tavazzano con Villavesco (Lodi): two units for which the group is creating 80 jobs. Marine Faurie is the Director of Marketing while Stefano Cracco is the Director of Operations.

People’s consumption habits are changing profoundly in Italy and around the world. This is why we offer our compatriots a more convenient and sustainable alternative to shopping at the supermarketcomments Cracco-. With HelloFresh, we want to revolutionize the way people eat and cook, radically innovating the traditional food system, through our business model and our innovative supply chain, which directly connects the producer to the customerAlso, having the the ingredients already dosed in the necessary doses avoid the risk of food waste.

Certainly enter a country like ours, with a strong food and wine tradition and a passion for good cuisine that has no equal in the world, it is a great challenge, but HelloFresh thinks it can have a lot of success in Italy as it is an intermediate step in the world of food delivery: on the one hand it has sustainability as a priority and on the other hand wants to strengthen the Italian agri-food chain, on the other hand, it offers a wide variety of recipes. “Italy is a country with a strong culinary tradition, already particularly attentive and sensitive to the good and quality of the food. HelloFresh aims to add more modernity, convenience and inspiration to home cooking so that people can regularly enjoy the fun of cooking at home,” comments Cracco.

How it works? Just log in to to place by HelloFresh Italia, choose the recipe you want to receive on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday by Wednesday. By doing so, they can send supplier orders at the last minute, avoiding scrap. HelloFresh has also reached an agreement with Banco Alimentare should there be small waste. The aim is to cover more than three quarters of Italian postal codes (here the areas covered nowadays).

The recipes. Italian customers will be able to choose from four types of recipes each week on the site or on the app (Meat & Fish, Family, Vegetarian and Calorie Counter) for 2 or 4 people from a cost of around 4.45 euros per person. All 12 the recipes are inspired by regional and international cuisines, exotic, dietary and vegcreated by an Italian team, which pays great attention to the freshness, seasonality and origin of the ingredients.

The arrival of HelloFresh in Italy is part of an important path of international growth, which has already brought the German giant to 15 countries and three continents: from Europe to the United States, from Canada to New Zealand. In 2020, the company, which has more than 16,000 employees, delivered more than 600 million kits and saw its revenue grow by 111% compared to 2019. In the second quarter of 2021, active customers were 7.7 million. Today, it offers a range of over 10,000 different recipes and employs over 16,000 people worldwide.

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