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Hollywood and music stars, here are their favorite Italian restaurants

Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice: icons of the boot, treasures of history, art, nature and charm. These four cities, chosen every year by millions of tourists from all over the world, are dedicated to the “Tesori d’Italia”, the latest born of the Guides of the Republic led by Giuseppe Cerasa. In addition to dozens of walks, embellished with illustrious testimonies (Corrado Augias for Rome, Antonio Scurati for Milan, Dacia Maraini for Florence and Gabriella Belli for Venice), here are the itineraries designed in the footsteps of Hollywood stars and the greatest artists in the world of boot lover show.

Thrilling activities along the banks of the Tiberskidding in an Aston Martin on the Nomentana and via della Conciliazione, car stunts in the alleys of Borgo Pio, but also taste and glamor for Daniel Craig during the Roman filming of “Spectre”, a hit film by Sam Mendes which saw the city of Rome rise to the stage of the adventures of the secret agent alongside Léa Seydoux. In Italy, the agent James Bond was in the company of Monica Bellucci, also protagonist of tasty dinners with Craig in the gastronomic restaurants of the capital. Because if John Pearson, the official biographer of Ian Fleming, talks about the culinary experience of James Bond at Casino Valadierin the heart of the Villa Borghese, in reality the Bellucci-Craig couple has been spotted since meat sauce in Piazza del Popolo, a restaurant appreciated by the international public. Here, the frosty British actor tried not to be recognized, wearing a casual baseball cap, but was nabbed by fans and paparazzi, ready to be told by the owners of the dinner menu: amatriciana, it seems -he. Appointment with a high star concentration rate also atantique weighing scale in Trastevere (via Garibaldi 18) where, by pure chance, there was a meeting between the cast of “Spectre” and that of “Taste of success” with protagonists Bradley Cooper and Siena Miller. The Panella brothers’ restaurant is one of the obligatory stops of Hollywood stars who cross the city and like to dine in the reserved rooms, among the walls decorated with frescoes, the period photos and the flavors of Roman cuisine, with cheese and pepper and noodles with butter and anchovies.

julia robert, American diva, has traveled all over the world, including Rome: in the Eternal City, just a few years ago, the set of “Eat, Pray, Love” was mounted. In the capital, he was often spotted between Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza di Spagna and Villa Borghese. Maybe hold a cone or – better – a cup. Looks like she’s crazy about ice cream. Even better if the tastes are those of San Crispino (via della Panetteria 42). For the main meals, Julia Roberts looked for pleasant places with original furniture. This is why, among so many others, he chose for example old bear (via dei Gigli d’Oro 3): the entrance is between two barrels and those who prefer to eat outside can enjoy the suggestive alleys of the center of the Capitol. Restaurant St. LUCIA (Largo Febo 12), on the other hand, was much more than a place to have a meal: several scenes from “Eat, Pray, Love” were shot at this address. The furniture is simple but with personality: the walls are red and covered with numerous paintings. The actress, little by little, was trying different dishes: from scialatielli with cheese, pepper and mussels to spaghetti with baby octopus and pecorino cheese, passing through fettuccine with black or white truffles and orecchiette with olive oil sauce. ‘lamb.

Italy, as we know, is famous for its cuisine. At any latitude. He knows something Beyonce, American singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and entrepreneur pictured in Milan with her husband Jay-Z. The photos were published by the owner of The blue surf in via Tadino on the occasion of the concert that the singer from Houston gave in the city. Its style and setting are reminiscent of an early 20th century sailing ship. A journey through time that continues. Very fresh raw and refined appetizers, exquisite starters and much more with fish as the protagonist. What if Beyoncé wanted meat dishes? Maybe he would try Varro Grid, just behind the nightlife of Corso Como (via Alessio di Tocqueville 7) and the historic Hollywood nightclub. And to sleep? Famous people definitely choose the Four Seasons (via Gesù 6-8), a 15th century convent transformed into an urban sanctuary of luxury and comfort, or the oriental mandarin (via Andegari 9), which combines the elegance of Milanese design with timeless oriental luxury in the heart of Italy’s most fashionable city. Without forgetting the Prince of Savoy, one of the structures most sought after by international stars of cinema and fashion, politics and industry. Heads of state and celebrities sleep here. The hotel (piazza della Repubblica 17,) has hosted many international stars including Michael Jackson, Leona Lewis, Lady Gaga, George Clooney and many more. And also the mega pop star Madonna. If you want to meet stars like her, enjoying a tasty dinner, there is Giannino (via Vittor Pisani 6), a Milanese institution where photographers await the shot of celebrities.

Among famous foreign personalities who does not miss the opportunity to spend a few days in Italy there is Mr. Elton John. The eccentric English singer has been spotted several times in many places on the peninsula, from Pompeii to Rome to Milan; even Florence and Tuscany have welcomed him several times. When he travels to the Tuscan capital, he usually stays at the Four Seasons (Borgo Pinti 99), a high-level hotel in the historic Palazzo della Gherardesca which includes, among its services, an excellent spa where the precious products of the Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella are used, one of oldest in the world. Among the strengths of the hotel, a place of honor undoubtedly goes to the restaurant The Palace, on the ground floor of the old residence, with a very refined setting and furnishings. The proposal is linked to the territory, with traditional dishes reinterpreted with great creativity. Speaking of restaurants, another place to go to follow in the Baronet’s footsteps is the Cibreo coffee (via del Verrocchio 8r), in the Sant’Ambrogio district. Since 1979, the restaurant of the late Fabio Picchi has been offering cuisine “in tune with the seasons”: at the table, it ranges from soups to full-bodied, unmissable, Florentine.

In Florence, Lenny Kravitz is what we call a regular. He comes back as soon as he can. In 2018, for example, he was again among the guests of the Lucca Summer Festival and stayed in the Tuscan capital, choosing, as in the past, the Westin Excelsior, a magnificent five-star hotel resulting from the renovation of a Renaissance palace. His photo, taken on the hotel’s terrace with a view of the Florentine skyline and the cathedral’s dome, got tens of thousands of likes on the singer’s Instagram profile. Singer who, during his stays in Florence, naturally has some preferences in terms of food and locals. For example, a visit never misses All’Antico Vinaio in via De’ Neri, one of the most famous street food places. Outside, a very long queue testifies to the appreciation of customers, patiently waiting for the freshly baked focaccia. When it comes to having a complete meal, Kravitz’s choice is for the trattoria The Franciscan in Largo Bargellini, inaugurated as early as the end of the 19th century, when it served barrocciai, artisans and commoners of the neighborhood with cuisine and wines. Its fame among celebrities has its roots in the 70s and 80s, when it was frequented by the personalities of our house such as actors Roberto Benigni and Vittorio Gassman.

Angelina Jolie recently visited Rome where she also enjoyed the Maneskin concert, it is certainly linked to Venice, the city where the film The Tourist (2010) was shot, starring her with Johnny Depp. The streets, the suspended atmosphere, the mysterious corners of the Serenissima conquered him. Among the locations in the film is theHotel Danielion the Riva degli Schiavoni, overlooking the Grand Canal and the islands, with its prestigious restaurant Danieli Terrace (Rive degli Schiavoni 4196). Angelina Jolie, on the occasion of the shooting, was also at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Dorsoduro 704), the collection of one of the most incisive women for the development of art in the 20th century, where the Peggy Guggenheim Cafe where you can enjoy snacks and lunches between tours. During the filming period, the actress and her children stayed at the Nani Mocenigo Palace (Fondamenta Nani 960), a noble Venetian palace with period furnishings and touches of style, and chosen as its ice cream parlor of choice The Squero (Fondamenta Nani 990), where she was spotted with the whole family and tasted a cup of lemon, her favorite flavor.

Not even George Clooney he has never hidden his passion for the lagoon city, so much so that he often comes back to it and defines it as “the most romantic city in the world”. The fixed scene is undoubtedly that of Belmond Hotel Cipriani (Judeca 10). Here we eatGolden Restaurant, designed by architect Adam D. Tihany, furnished with Murano glass chandeliers, a golden ceiling and an outdoor terrace reminiscent of the characteristic campielli. Executive chef Riccardo Canella thinks of the menu for lucky customers, with dishes inspired by tradition. The actor is said to love spending his evenings at the seagull bar, inside the hotel, facing the swimming pool, reveling in creating cocktails with the staff. The wedding between Clooney and Amal was celebrated with great fanfare at theHotel Aman (Palazzo Papadopoli, Calle Tiepolo 1364, Sestiere San Polo), seven-star hotel (one of the few in the world) with 24 ultra-luxurious suites, where you sleep among Tiepolo’s frescoes and where you are treated like kings and queens. Among the restaurants where Clooney has been spotted on several occasions is undoubtedly the Danieli Terrace in the hotel of the same name (Riva degli Schiavoni 4196). When he has to sit down to eat, here are some addresses that he does not betray: among them the restaurant From Ivo (Calle Fuseri, 1809, San Marco) where delights such as spaghetti with caparozzoli (a kind of clams), cuttlefish risotto – prepared according to an ancient Venetian recipe – and peoci soup triumph.

In the guide “Treasures of Italy – Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice” (the illustration on the cover bears the signature of the artist Giuseppe Gallo) also the presentations of the four mayors – Roberto Gualtieri, Giuseppe Sala, Dario Nardella and Luigi Brugnaro – and the words of so many icons of the restaurant world: from Heinz Beck to Antonio Guida, from Rocco De Santis to Arrigo Cirpriani. The section dedicated to the best addresses in the city could not be missing, whether restaurants, trattorias and places of taste, structures in which to spend the night or unmissable shops in which to shop.

“Tesori d’Italia – Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice” is available on newsstands (12 euros plus the price of the newspaper) and online on our website ilmioabbonamento.it. It will soon also be in bookstores, on Amazon and Ibs.

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