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THE Dried Tomatoes in Oil I am a preserves typical of the culinary tradition of southern Italy, especially Puglia and Calabria. A preparation rich in taste and with an intense and unmistakable flavor, which is prepared in summer and can be enjoyed all year round. For an impeccable result, choose San Marzano tomatoes, large, pulpy and with the right degree of ripeness; if you prefer a milder, more delicate flavor, opt for the datterini. In the original recipe, the tomatoes are slowly dried in the sun, but if you want to reduce the cooking times, you can also dry them in the oven. Once dry, they are blanched in water and white wine vinegar, then placed in sterilized glass jars with the addition of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and parsley. For correct storage, follow the pasteurization filled jars, following the ministerial directivesthen let them cool upside down to create a vacuum.

Store them for a week in a cool, dry place, before consuming them, in order to flavor them well and allow the different ingredients to harmonize perfectly. Once opened, serve them as appetizers, accompanied by homemade bread, cold cuts and cheeses, or to enrich a starter or other dishes. If you wish, you can flavor the preserves with flavors you prefer: thyme, basil, mint, peppercorns… To optimize the times, you can also use the tomatoes already dried: in this case you will only have to blanch them in water and vinegar, skipping the baking part.

Here’s how to prepare them following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this jam, also try the Italian tomatoes in oil and the green tomato jam.

How to prepare sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Wash and dry the tomatoes well. Cut them in half lengthwise 1.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange the tomatoes cut side up. 2. Each pan contains approximately one kg of medium-sized tomatoes.

Season them with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt 3.

Bake the tomatoes at 120°C in the oven for about 10 hours, or in any case until they are dry 4.

Fill a pot with plenty of water, add vinegar 5 and boil.

Then add the dried tomatoes and blanch them for 4-5 minutes. After the necessary time, drain them in a colander 6.

Dry them very well with a clean towel. seven.

Arrange the jars to be sterilized in a pot, fill it with cold water 8 and boil for 30 minutes; add lids to boil for 20 minutes.

Once the necessary time has elapsed, let everything cool then drain it upside down, always placing it on a clean cloth. 9.

Finely chop the parsley and garlic with a knife ten.

Arrange the tomatoes in layers in the sterilized jars, alternating them with the chopped herbs and oil 11.

Continue to the edge, push them well down to avoid the formation of air bubbles and cover completely with olive oil 12.

Close well with the lid 13.

For reboiling pasteurization, follow Department of Health guidelines on the correct preparation of canned foods 14. If you use jars with screw caps, check that the vacuum has been produced: press the center of the cap and, if you do not hear the classic “click-clack”, the vacuum has formed.

Store for a week in a cool, dry place before consuming them, in order to flavor them well. 15.


The traditional preparation of tomatoes in oil involves thedrying tomatoes in the sun. To do this, let them dry, turning them from time to time, so that they lose the water but not the flavor. Also cover them with a tea towel to protect them from dust and insects: this will take 5 to 7 days.

If you have a dryer, simply wash the tomatoes thoroughly, preferably datterini tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and arrange them on the special trays. Season them with a pinch of salt, set the dryer to 65°C and let them dry for at least 24-36 hours, making sure to watch them from time to time. Once dry, store them in glass jars. You can enjoy them in chips or mix them to get one tomato powder delicious to flavor your dishes.


Once opened, sun-dried tomatoes in oil can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 dayshaving the foresight to always supplement them with more extra virgin olive oil.

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