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how much does the new Lidl “Thermomix” cost

Food processor enthusiasts know Monsieur Cuisine as Lidl’s low-cost “Thermomix”.


Monsieur Connect Smart from Lidl at work

Many of them are in fibrillation. Just Lidl has announced on its website the arrival of Monsieur Cuisine Smart, a revised and corrected model of the robot that has been so successful with Italian home cooks, from Monday September 5, 2022.

The sale price of the new Monsieur Cuisine model is already known: the “Smart” version will be sold in the many Lidl discount stores in our country, at a price of 449 euros.


Mister connect Smart Lidl smaller
Smaller but with the screen increased from 7 to 8 inches

Despite the slight price increase over the previous model – Monsieur Cuisine cost €349 at the Italian debut, a price later increased to €369 – the German multinational has placed an asterisk next to the price of your robot.

As happens whenever Lidl intends to alert its customers to the possibility of a product running out quickly.

In short, although more expensive than 80 € compared to the previous model, it is possible that the new Monsieur Cuisine Smart will sell like hotcakes, net of an assortment that we imagine scrupulous.

Trigger a real hunt as has happened for previous food processor models up to Lidl’s famous colorful sneakers.


Monsieur connect Smart Accessories Lidl
Cooking in Lidl’s new Monsieur Connect Smart

The arrival in Italy of the new gadget is eagerly awaited because in the field, that is to say in the kitchens of Italians, the Lidl device has shown that it can compete with the original Thermomix.

Although it is the budget alternative of the famous competitor, the robot has proven to be a helper capable of simplifying the life of those who do not have much time for cooking. But he doesn’t want to give up a good meal.

Especially in relation to the fact that Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine, even in the “Smart” version, will cost a fraction of the €1,399 needed to buy the Thermomix TM6.

The difference is not small, almost 1000 € are saved.


The new device seen in profile

Looking at the aesthetics, we immediately notice the attempt of the manufacturer (Silvercrest) to reduce the space occupied by the new model. Monsieur Cuisine Smart has a less demanding base in centimeters than its predecessor.

This does not prevent the touch screen, the true heart of the food processor, from gaining momentum. To be precise, the screen goes from 7 to 8 inches.

It also improves practicality. Many buyers of the old Lidl-branded “Thermomix” had complained about the lack of an additional handle in the container. In other words, to lift the container, equipped with two side handles, it was essential to use both hands.

Now, however, with Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Smart it is possible to do it with one hand thanks to the new handle, added vertically on the front side.

Continuing to talk about practicality, Lidl introduced the possibility of giving voice commands to the new device.

The device can voice command some of the actions it is able to perform.

By the way, having said that the accessories available in the Monsieur Cuisine Smart have not changed compared to the previous model, we summarize the wide and increased availability of automatic programs.

To the advantage, above all, of those who are considering the purchase of a food processor for the first time. With the €449 Monsieur Cuisine Smart you can do the following:

  • Mix twice as many quantities as before since the power in the mixing phase is increased to 1000 W;
  • Brown;
  • Cook at low temperature;
  • steam cooking;
  • Purée food;
  • Make smoothies.

But the updated version of the device takes into account the latest trends in international cuisine. Enable home cooks to:

  • Vacuum cooking (vacuum program);
  • Ferment;
  • Cook the eggs in any way (boiled, soft or hard).

Buyers of the food processor will also have a new program for cleaning the device.

As in previous models, Lidl also allows you to customize the kitchen style according to your preferences in Monsieur Cuisine Smart.

Speeds increase from 10 to 11 with the addition of the turbo function. You can choose the temperature, the duration and the direction of rotation of the blade.


As in the past, home cooks who will use the updated version of the food processor will be able to count on an application with 600 recipes. Everything is explained with detailed step-by-step tutorials.

Recipes can be changed by customizing them, setting a weekly schedule or creating a shopping list.

However, Lidl has announced the continued integration of recipes, there will be new ones in the app every month.


Monsieur Connect smart juicer
The Monsieur Connect Smart in a citrus press version

But the novelties most loved by French shoppers (Lidl’s €449 “Thermomix” debuted in French stores in December 2021), were these.

  • Greater availability of recipes, integrated for the first time with the nutritional values ​​of foods and illustrated more clearly than in the past;
  • Possibility to search for additional recipes during cooking without interrupting the preparation of the dishes;
  • Greater accuracy of the scale;
  • Increased safety when the container exceeds a risky temperature.

Above 60°, the food processor emits an audible signal to avoid the risk of burns. It also keeps a warning message on the screen until the home cook confirms that they have read it.


Recall that the German discount giant did not violate the patents of the original Thermomix produced in Germany by Vorwerk. This was decided by the Barcelona court which overturned a previous conviction.

Indeed, Lidl had been forced to withdraw Monsieur Cuisine Connect from the Spanish market by a decision of January 2021.

Free from legal shackles, Lidl is also offering the new model – “Smart” – of its Monsieur Cuisine food processor at 449 euros in Italian stores from Monday 5 September.

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