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How to make a perfect hot foam with the siphon?

THEL siphon, originally created to make cocktails or to whip cream instantly, it is a versatile tool that today, thanks to its versatility, has now established itself and spread in the kitchens of all restaurants. Thanks also to the advent of molecular cuisine, the siphon has become an ally of chefs because it is able to give refinement and elegance in every dish, both sweet and salty. It’s basically a emulsifier that allows raw materials to be transformed to obtain different consistencies which cannot be made with any other type of machine when working with heat. If we want to create a frothy and spicy sauce, we can obtain it with the siphon.

Let’s see in detail how it works. Foam siphon cartridges are filled with a cold gas, the nitrous oxide: by activating the lever of the siphon, this chemical element releases the oxygen particles which transform the liquid ingredients inside the container into foam, by a set of correctly balanced proteins and fats, thus obtaining a light compound with a delicate taste, a caress for the palate. Thanks to the foam siphon, it is possible to create soft and ethereal sweet and savory foams, from many ingredients, used individually or in different combinations. For example, it is possible to obtain a mousse based on cheese, aromatic herbs, meat, fish or vegetables.

To demonstrate the versatility of hot foam, I created a recipe that nods to the world of vegetarian cuisine, which is increasingly present on the tables. This is the “Flan with mushrooms, bitter almond biscuit and hot pecorino foam”, a warm tart whose base is made with Culinaire Original Debic, which gives a very soft texture in the mouth even at high temperature, because it is not a cream that contains free water: during cooking, the water does not evaporate and the mixture obtained is very creamy and moist. It is therefore not a classic dry tart, which could “bore” the palate. Instead, it’s a very tasty dish, of which mushrooms are certainly the protagonists: we have chosen them because the autumn season has now begun, of which they are a main product. The hot foam based on Culinaire Original Debic plays a fundamental role in giving softness, smoothness, lightness and a kind of glaze to this pie which is characterized by very persistent flavours.

The secret of a perfect foam

To create excellent foam with the siphon you need a “stabilizerWhich retains the air in the foam. Gelatin can be used, but also cream or egg whites. Must have at least 10% milk fat to obtain a stable foam. Culinary Original Debic contains 20% fat, so with a 50/50 ratio it’s perfect. This means that you can use 50% Culinaire Original Debic and 50% another liquid of your choice.

Antonio Cuomo

Antonio Cuomo

Chef’s advice: Culinary Original Debic

Culinaire Original Debic is a cooking cream, whose improved formula guarantees a reduction in coagulation times and a better yield. Culinaire Original Debic is characterized by a creamy and delicate taste and by incomparable performances, it is in fact a cream that does not coagulate, does not separate and always remains stable. Among its strengths are better yield, viscosity and creaminess and greater setting speed. It does not coagulate, does not separate and has a homogeneous consistency even with acidic and alcoholic substances.


Mushroom flan, bitter almond biscuit and warm pecorino foam

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