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How to sublimate fusion cuisine with Katsuobushi

THEL katsuobushi it is a very important ingredient in Japanese cuisine because it is able to give dishes the typical “umami” taste, thanks to the salinity and the marine note of smoked tuna. It is obtained by grating fillets of dried, fermented and smoked katsuo (skipjack tuna) into small flakes. It is used in particular for the preparation of a Japanese broth called “dashiwhich is used as a base for soups or as a liquid ingredient in many preparations such as noodles.

But katsuobushi is also becoming increasingly popular in Mediterranean cuisine due to its characteristic flavor, arousing great interest and curiosity. From shellfish to meat and vegetables, today it is the protagonist of countless proposals and interpretations.


For some time, oriental or ethnic cuisine has also been very popular in Italy, which is why a particular ingredient such as katsuobushi is often used as seasoning to create broths or soups that have a fusion imprint. It is a good idea not to overdo it, both because it is a very valuable food and because it has a very intense flavor and must be dosed carefully.

The good life

To convey the idea of ​​versatility and the possibility of creating interesting contaminations and interweavings of different flavors and gastronomic cultures, I have developed an ad hoc recipe, “Grilled eggplant tortellini with anchovy dashi and raw sea basswhich represents a mix between two very different culinary traditions. In Japanese cuisine, noodles in dashi broth are often prepared, while one of the main dishes in Italian cuisine are tortellini in broth: this is how the idea of ​​combining these two dishes in one dish was as innovative as it is enjoyable. is born and balanced in taste.

Antonio Cuomo Katsuobushi, a concentrate of taste that sublimates fusion cuisine

Antonio Cuomo

To make this recipe I used Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone, which has proven to be ideal for giving the right creaminess to the tortellini filling. The result will be a composition made of a very salty broth, with smoky accents, and a crunchy ravioli inside which we will find an explosion of flavor, given by the grilled eggplant combined with the Debic Mascarpone Plus Cream, which replaces the classic ricotta used for the filling of the tortellino, giving an extraordinary smoothness: once the mascarpone is cooked, it loses its consistency and tends to be creamier . Combined with eggplant pulp, it therefore creates a dish that is really pleasant in the mouth, both in terms of taste and consistency.

Ingredient of the month

Katsuobushi, in English “Bonito”, is dried fermented fish, a fundamental ingredient of traditional Japanese cuisine. It comes in the form of dry chips. This is bonito reduced to dried, fermented and smoked flakes, used mainly to flavor broths and various Japanese dishes. The manufacturing process takes up to a year! And even cats in Japan are crazy about it, so much so that there is even a way of saying “Like katsuobushi for cats”, to designate appetizing food.

Katsuobushi Katsuobushi, a concentrate of flavor that sublimates fusion cuisine


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Cream Plus Mascarpone Debic Cream Plus Mascarpone, a unique flavor for endless recipes

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Grilled eggplant tortellini with anchovy dashi and raw sea bass

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