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Ice Break at Fashion Week

Lat Milan Fashion Weekthe week dedicated to fashion will be held in the Lombard capital from September 20 to 26, 2022, is just around the corner and the city comes alive with insiders, stylists, fashion enthusiasts and the simply curious, who often take the opportunity to visit the city. And since the climate is still supporting us, why not stop, between a streaming show and a shopping spree, in some of the glaciers more good and above all “fashionable” in Milan? The spectacular is not lacking in the world of ice cream.

The taste of the year 2022

Since 2013, the March 24 is European Artisan Gelato Day. Each year, an official flavor is selected for this gourmet day, celebrated throughout Europe. The taste was dedicated in honor of Italy in 2019 Tiramisu. The taste of the year 2022, on the other hand, is called “Dolce Sinfonia”, with chocolate and hazelnut, fresh ricotta and dried figs in rum syrup.

Between ice cream and sorbet

First of all, we must distinguish between creams and sorbets. When it comes to milk and cream based ice creams, we are talking about creams, while water and fruit based ice creams are officially known as sorbets. In the first case, milk and cream make up at least 70% of the recipe; in the second case, however, milk and fat give way to ingredients suitable even for lactose intolerant people, with a composition that provides an average of 30% fruit and 10% citrus.

Ice cream, the order of flavors is not random: the gag immediately goes viral

Ice cream, the order of flavors is not random: the gag immediately goes viral

The color of ice cream: it never lies

It’s hard to distinguish artisanal ice cream from ice cream made with semi-finished products. But there is a useful and easy hint for everyone. It is enough to check that the color of the ice cream is not too bright: this would in fact indicate the excessive use of bases, flavorings and industrial semi-finished products, characterized precisely by a color artificial. It goes without saying that artisanal ice cream has a color closer to that of natural ingredients and you can expect a delicate flavor and true to the true nature of the main natural ingredient used, be it pistachio, hazelnut, vanilla, coconut or strawberry. Do you remember the famous Smurf taste what did you like when you were little? Just as Smurfs do not exist in nature, this bright color and indefinite taste gives you the guarantee that preservatives and colorings are present in this ice cream.

The most awarded ice cream parlors in Milan

As if to underline the centrality of artisanal gelato in Italian culture and tradition, every year red shrimp publish his guide on the best ice cream parlors in Italy, which is useful to draw inspiration from when visiting a new city. The different awards that we find in the guide pay attention to various aspects, not just taste and quality. A prize is awarded for the sustainabilityfor the best gourmet ice cream and for the improvement of local productions, when small, virtuous and zero-kilometer suppliers are chosen. Within the 2022 guide, several ice cream parlors in Milan or the surrounding area have been awarded. And beware: the ice cream parlor with the best chocolate ice cream of the year is located in the heart of the province of Milan: it is fiordipannain Cornaredo.

A stop not to be missed, even the glacier VeroLatte of Vigevano, awarded with the Three Cones, the highest mark awarded by Gambero Rosso, also for its scrupulous control in the search for the quality of the individual ingredients. And the other Three Cones in Milan? Don’t miss a taste of Pave in Porta Venezia, The ice dwarf in the Washington area and Cream in Naples Square.


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