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Iginio Massari in Abruzzo for a masterclass on great sourdough products

youn meeting entirely dedicated to the secrets of panettonethe king of leavened products, and pandora, unveiled by the great master of Italian pastry Iginio Massari. It will be held on September 26 at the Villa Paris in Roseto degli Abruzzo (Te) the third and final appointment of Meet Massari R-evolutionthe tour promoted by Molino Dallagiovanna with Iginio Massari and Giacomo Pinimarketing consultant and Cast Alimenti teacher, and aimed at professionals and white art enthusiasts.

Master Massari will reveal to you the secrets of making a perfect Panettone and Pandoro, accompanied by different creams. The main ingredient in all sourdough products made during the meeting will be Panettone flour from “leDolcissime”, the range available in seven references to meet the different dough needs of the contemporary pastry chef. To support Iginio Massari in his Giacomo Pini masterclass, which will illustrate commercial and marketing techniques to increase pastry business.

Giacomo Pini, Sabrina Dallagiovanna and Iginio Massari

The meeting partner will be She she, Abruzzo company based in Teramo, founded by Luciano Di Luca, Giovanni Izzotti and Luca Alfieri and specialized in the selection and supply of quality raw materials for pastry shops, bakeries, ice cream parlors, pizzerias and the horeca world in general. The pride of the company is a rich program of professional internships that take place every year at the Elle & Elle Academy with the support of chefs and great masters of white art. The meeting will also have the patronage of the Municipality of Roseto degli Abruzzi.

The good life

The one dedicated to Panettone and Pandoro will be the third and last appointment of the Meet Massari R-evolution 2022. Before Roseto degli Abruzzi, the tour stopped in Mesagne (Br) and Verona. Going on stage on the occasion of the first meeting was “Breakfast», With croissants, multi-interlaced puff pastry with candied fruit and muffins, designed for laboratory confectionery, catering and the hotel industry. The meeting in Verona was more dedicated to the timeless desserts of the French and Italian tradition in laboratory pastry: the Paris-Brest, the zeppola and the cupcake with multiple toppings. For restaurants and hotels, the éclair was created with the same ingredients. An “all terrain” pastry to meet all the needs of dessert artists. It is possible to trace the steps of Meet Massari R-evolution on the company’s website inDallagiovanna Plus premium area.

Pandoro di Massari (photo credit: Carlo Fico) Iginio Massari in Abruzzo for a masterclass on great sourdough products

Pandoro di Massari (photo credit: Carlo Fico)

To subscribe to Meet Massari R-evolution, professionals can contact their local reseller, while enthusiasts can buy the ticket on the Molino Dallagiovanna e-shop. For more information: www.dallagiovanna.it/mmr-teramo.

The Dolcissime Panettone

On the occasion of his masterclass entirely dedicated to large leavened products, Iginio Massari will use Panettone flour from leDolcissime, the range developed in seven references to meet the different dough needs of contemporary pastry. Panettone flour, elastic but resistant, is easy to work with and allows you to create rich and well-elaborated recipes with a good protein balance and an excellent shelf life. In addition to Panettone, the line consists of Panettone Zsofter on the protein level, but strong, Shortcrust pastry, Shortcrust pastry 130, Puff pastry, Brioche, Soft brioche. The latter in particular, along with the Panettone Z, was developed with the important contribution of master pastry chef and leaven Achille Zoia. LeDolcissime also completes the offer Refreshment of Mother Yeastthe flour born from the collaboration with Iginio Massari.

Panettone di Massari (photo credit: Carlo Fico) Iginio Massari in Abruzzo for a masterclass on big sourdough products

Panettone from Massari (photo credit: Carlo Fico)

Dolcissime, like all Molino Dallagiovanna flours, has the distinctive feature and element of strength grain immersion washing, which best prepares the grain for slow, cold and stress-free milling. The result is a excellent quality flourwith extraordinary organoleptic properties.

LeDolcissime Iginio Massari line in Abruzzo for a masterclass on large leavened products

LeDolcissime line

Plain flour panettone is available in 5 and 25 kg bags, which enthusiasts can also buy onE-shop Molino Dallagiovanna (www.shopdallagiovanna.it).


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