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In Foligno the Primi d’Italia, a real pasta G20

THEthe display board “The first of Italy” which from September 29 to October 2 will celebrate in Foligno (Pg) pasta and other starters most appreciated by Italians – pasta but also rice, soups, gnocchi and polenta – it will be particularly rich and full of surprises. The organizers and the Umbrian institutions assured it in Rome presenting it at the headquarters of Confcommercio 23rd edition of the gourmet meeting annual which aims to celebrate the opening dish of each regional table but also the quality of the ingredients of our agri-food which make it special.

The convivial dinner of the preview

And the pride of Made in Italy will be the theme of the convivial dinner in preview, on September 28, in the general barracks Ferrante Gonzaga del Vodice in Foligno, headquarters of the national army’s selection and recruitment center. The event is also intended as a tribute to the military structure that has contributed with the presence of thousands of students to keep the city’s economy alive even in times of pandemic.

To illustrate the main events of the event and introduce the stars who will arrive in Foligno, Aldo Amoni, president of Epta Confcommercio Umbria, the service company that has always promoted and organized the event, the president of the Umbrian Chamber of Commerce and Confcommercio, Giorgio Mencaroni, and city mayor Stefano Zuccarini with Tourism Councilor Michela Giuliani.

The G20 of pasta

Definition of Aldo Amoni this new edition of I Primi d’Italia “a G20 of pasta” for the maximum representativeness of many supply chains and during this themed evening, food and wine journalist Luciano Pignataro will coordinate a meeting to reflect on the state of health of Italy’s emblematic product.

The festival was born in 1999 and has grown in importance over the years – it has been pointed out – together with the other historical event of the Giostra della Quinta, it also had the merit of reviving the city and Umbria after the dramatic earthquake, becoming a regular autumnal event for many Italian visitors and strangers.

Big events and big chefs

The Primi d’Italia will be a marathon of taste but also a parade of cooking stars with continuous tastings in the various villages located in the historic center. Many cooking shows with starred chefs like Mauro Uliassi three Michelin stars who will perform in a cooking demonstration “in search of perfection”. Among the other great professionals, to present their creations, Marco Lagrimino from the L’Acciuga restaurant in Perugia, Errico Recanati from the Andreina restaurant in Loreto and Katia Maccari from I Salotti del Patriarca di Querce al Pino, in Chiusi. There will also be personalities from culture, sport and entertainment, such as Eleonora Pieroni, ambassador of the Giostra della Quintana, actress Eleonora Giorgi who will receive a career award, journalist and television presenter Tiberio Timperi, brother influencer Father Enzo Fortunato and the volleyball players of the A1 of Bartoccini-Fortinfissi Perugia.

From left to right, Aldo Amoni, Stefano Zuccarini, Michela Giuliani, Eleonora Pieroni and Giorgio Mencaroni In Foligno the Primi d'Italia, a real pasta G20

From left to right, Aldo Amoni, Stefano Zuccarini, Michela Giuliani, Eleonora Pieroni and Giorgio Mencaroni

Many recipes to taste

No.he 11 regional taste villages including one entirely gluten-free, you can taste many starter recipes, typical of the different regions and served continuously in the suggestive taverns of the city. The Apulian specialties you can taste them at the La Mora tavern, while Sardinian dishes at the Cassero tavern. With a great spirit of solidarity, Lazio will be represented by the town of Amatrice, present with its first in the Giotti and Contrastanga taverns. And again: the Mantuan specialties will be served at the Ammanniti tavern, those from Umbria at Pugili, those from the Marche coast at Spada, those from Maremma at Morlupo, those from Piedmont at the White Cross and finally those from the Alps and Badia gluten-free. The grandmothers will be the protagonists of the workshops reserved for children and young people from 6 to 11 years old, they will organize exhibitions and markets and there will be music and free daily entertainment in the name of taste and pleasure.


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