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In Milan, the most exclusive Member Clubs aim for the gastronomic experience

They were created to network, even network among members. But also to meet new people and indulge in fun activities. The spaces members onlyor which only allow access to members. Exclusive and luxurious places, where members meet in a very private and protected setting, to enjoy a bit of relaxation, participate in cultural events, organize a meeting or a business appointment, or enjoy a gastronomic experience for a few . Here, this last aspect seems to be more and more in the spotlight. Eating well and drinking well are not only elements surrounding the exclusivity of the place, but they are part of the whole project and the offer of uniqueness offered to club members. Milan, like London, the Milanese capital turns out to be the ideal place to welcome members club more cool. Here are three that are already talking about them, because discretion is essential and also the hunt for members among the most prominent professional categories.

CORE: the members club born in NY

From New York to Milan, via San Francisco. By the end of the year, CORE will open its doors: one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Designed and founded by Jennie and Dangene Enterprise, in Milan, it arrives at the center of Corso Giacomo Matteotti in a completely renovated historic building. Approximately 4,000 square meters spread over 5 floors, including event space, theater, library, culinary laboratory, spa, gym and suites. Why Milano? The answer is clear, here design, fashion and contemporary art are added to the industrial tradition, to the world of the most advanced trades, to the culture of food and the value of personal well-being. The cultural program for members includes the most diverse themes, from architecture to gastronomy, from tourism to hospitality, not to mention art and literature. There is a maximum of 500 members at the moment and the emphasis is on the equal presence of women and men, including young people under the age of 30. The internal gastronomic offer, focused on international tradition, is entrusted to the Global Culinary Director. Michele Brogioni. The Italian chef is currently overseeing the kitchens in New York and will coordinate those in Milan and San Francisco once they open. The menus point to a proposal of refined Italian dishes associated with flavors with international resonance. For each CORE reception and conviviality space: a different proposal has been studied. If in the speakeasy the menu is more international and winks at the more refined Anglo-Saxon tradition, in the social restaurant, chef Brogioni bets on Mediterranean and seasonal flavors, favoring Italian excellences such as pasta and the risotto. CORE: will have its own ranges of pastries, breads and pastries made on site. Application for club membership should be submitted to [email protected] and will be assessed by Head Office.

Casa Cipriani the club emblem of hospitality

Members club_cipriani

Also in the center of Milan, in Via Palestro a few steps from the Indro Montanelli gardens, is Casa Cipriani in the prestigious Palazzo Bernasconi. After a first location opened last year in New York, the concept is coming to the Lombard capital with a members-only club, a multipurpose space and 15 hotel rooms and suites open to the public. House Cipriani Milan recalls the elegant and comfortable environments of the old English gentlemen’s clubs, with references to Italian classicism. Inspired by Harry’s Bar in Venice, where international personalities used to meet, the Milan project manages to combine hospitality and simplicity with the service that has characterized the Cipriani style for almost a hundred years. Among the services offered to members are a concierge, a wellness center with spa and beauty center, a fitness center with a gym and exclusive and personalized services including a dedicated butler and a fleet cars available. All the rooms are very elegant and scenographic, made with quality finishes and materials. The club was born as a place to spend the whole day pleasantly, socialize, eat well and devote time to personal care. L’dining experience of Casa Cipriani Milan focuses on three spaces, the Arrigo Bar, designed by the architect Michèle Bonan, is an intimate and refined place, perfect for an informal meal or an aperitif. On the third floor is the Restaurant Cipriani, with an interior room and a large terrace. Here, for the first time served in Milan, you can sample the great classics of the Cipriani tradition, including the iconic Carpaccio and the original Bellini, both invented by founder Giuseppe Cipriani. While on the top floor of the building is the socialist lounge, whose environments are inspired by the eclectic style of Havana of yesteryear, with European colonial influences and 20th century modernity. The elements of French antiques, the furniture in wicker, velvet and brocade, recall the typical stately home of the 1940s in Cuba. A warm, welcoming and colorful space, accessible during the day for professional and non-professional meetings, but also in the evening to listen to live music. To access the club, there are different levels of membership that allow you to take advantage of all or part of the services. Application should be sent to [email protected]

Ariosto Social Club: sustainability and gastronomy

members club_ariosto

Housed in a historic building from the early 20th century, there is theAriosto’s Social Club. Not far from the main points of interest in the city, it has very modern apartments furnished by the great Italian design brands, designed with eco-sustainability in mind. For the guests of the apartments and not only for them, a series of exclusive services are reserved that mark every moment of the day. In a beautiful mix of understated and environmentally aware luxury, there is a concept store, a wellness area with personal trainers, a lounge for business meetings, presentations and events and a bistro, where you can taste the preparations of the two-starred chef Pino Cuttaia. A small green setting in the garden inside the building is open from the morning for breakfast and serves convivial or business lunches and dinners. Chef Licata has exported his format to Milan Cuttlefish egginserted in an innovative project which is theAriosto’s Social Club. Here, Sicily and Northern Italy merge between techniques, ingredients and inspirations, as in the recipe for saffron risotto with mullet and fennel stew, which, as chef Cuttaia says, is ultimately just an arancina decomposed.

Top photo: HEART: Milan

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