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In Rome the evolving Grattachecca

And it conquers everyone with an innovative cocktail that is tasted with a spoon

Drafting – September 10, 2022

From a historical refreshing drink to a real trend of the Roman summer: the “grattachecca” evolves and conquers everyone with an innovative cocktail that can be enjoyed with a spoon. The “street cocktail” is now a great success with hundreds of Romans who taste it around the beauties of the center and beyond, from the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum to the EUR: a characteristic cart on tour in the whole peninsula serves the new summer recipe that is conquering the capital and all of Italy.

Scratch, scratch Checca“: With these words a husband at the time of the Caesars asked his wife to work, preparing the famous “rough“. It’s about a traditional drink then refreshing and tasty who, born in antiquity on the hills of Lazio, even Catherine de Medici at the time of the Renaissance, he asked for one specialist to take to the court of the king of France have your own daily ration of “soft and fragrant ice cream“. From Renaissance we go to contemporary history: the mixture conquers the hearts and palates of all Italy to the point of being arrested different ways depending on the province of reference. As reported by Braids the correct name in Italian is “frozen“, even if a Naplesratata” Where “cazzimbocchio“, In Calabriascirubette“, at Cataniascraper“, at bari grattamarianna“it’s up to Rome rough“.

Just in the capital, the same scraper becomes summer trend thanks to the realization of an innovation “Street Cocktail Spoon” served in different regions of the eternal city until September 11 inclusive: of Refinements to EURin Area Monti neighborhood at the cocktail bar Drink Kong and at the foot of Trevi Fountain, at the restaurant Uproar. Leave the cityyou can also enjoy the drink at Grocery of Host and to Creuza de Mä of maccarese. But what is this drink? The creative recipe according to tradition, provides for the use of crushed ice enriched with approx 3ml of Hendrick’s Gin And 6ml of syrup available in three variantsthat’s to say lemon, cucumber And Pink. Furthermore, in terms of preparation, it is important to underline the fact that the the ice is roughly crushed and allowed to stand for a short time. Another point to keep in mind: grattachecca must be eaten quickly because, if it melts, it loses all that is proper to it uniqueness.

Rome however it is only one of the many Italian cities in which grattachecca will conquer the hearts and palates of consumers this summer. Indeed, the drink was chosen as hero of “Exceptionally refreshing summer visit” organized by Hendrick’s Gin, an international brand specializing in the production of the famous distillate. “We are going to bring Italy the coolness needed to beat the summer heat – he says SolomiyaItalian brand ambassador of At Hendrick’s Gin – The scraper traditiona historical drink and especially made in Italy, goes perfectly with our gin. We will do many tasty and thirst-quenching recipes to satisfy the hearts and palates of connoisseurs throughout the national territory during a tour of approximately eight weeks. The recipe of our very personal roughaccording to tradition, involves the use of crushed ice enriched with approx 3ml of Hendrick’s Gin And 6ml of syrup available in three variantsthat’s to say lemon, cucumber And Pink. So people can temporarily escape the hottest cities to experience the coolness of Scotland, Country of origin of our gin. In addition to the visit, we took advantage of the summer period also to launch a new cocktail: it is “Hendrick & T“, Fruit ofmatch between Scottish gin and iced tea which are mixed with a Mint leaf it’s a pinch of lime juicemake a donation freshness and Powerful“.

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