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Of a thousand respondents in Italy, only 11% say they have a kitchen separate from the living room, according to data from Helix, a company specializing in extractor hoods. Increasingly multitasking and versatile, the contemporary kitchen is experienced as theextension of the day area, un ambiente flessibile e dinamico dove oltre a cucinare si lavora, si studia, si gioca con i figli, ci si rilassa, si intrattengono gli ospiti conversando intorno ai fuochi e mostrando, con un pizzico di orgoglio da aspiranti chef, i propri manicaretti in cooking. After the confinement, which saw us all with our hands in the dough to pass the slow time of the forced closure, and thanks to the omnipresence of the chefs on TV, the kitchen has regained its centrality that he had lost a little to the gastronomic experiences at the restaurant. To confirm the trend, the study “Covid-19: eating behaviors in Europe”From the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, according to which 36 percent of respondents say cook a lot more and have fun experimenting with new recipes. During the pandemic, the domestic dimension has been rediscovered, aware of the importance of having a comfortable and well-organized home; therefore, it is increased the cost of interior renovation, especially the kitchen, with increased attention to design, performance and customization. To research “The new beginning for Italy and the Italians“From Nomisma for Coop, notes that 53% of compatriots intend to review their priorities in life, 46% say they want to renovate their housing and their furniture by transforming their home into a modern, efficient and sustainable nest, and 35% percent say they want to spend more time on homemade dinners with friends.

The Nikolatesla Fit cooktop by Elica

“The pandemic has radically changed the way people live at home,” says Elica president Francesco Casoli. “Elica couldn’t stand still without taking risks with new ideas, new ways of cooking. We have been committed every day for 50 years and try to invest in new technologies that bring real innovation in design and function. Sustainability is something we want to share with those who choose Elica”. It is not enough to think of an innovative product, as Casoli continues, “we must give the customer the opportunity to live the kitchen responsibly. From this line of thinking, the success of products such as NikolaTesla which combine suction and induction cooking giving the possibility of cooking more efficiently and quietly.

Lhov, it looks like one but it’s three

by Maria Carlotta Mattedi

From this line of thought the oven Lhov which will give the opportunity to enter a new dimension in the way of apprehending a modern, healthy and surprising cuisine. A company that has always tried to revolutionize with constancy”.

The Nikolatesla Unplugged cooktop by Elica

The Nikolatesla Unplugged cooktop by Elica

In the kitchen they are desired high-tech solutions, smart and that incorporates more functions, characterized by clean and minimal lines designed in continuity with the living room. In this scenario, materials and finishes play a central role and are chosen based on their ability to during the time, easy maintenance and sanitation, and in aesthetic and chromatic harmony with the rest of the house. Added to this is the attention paid to the methods of healthy and sustainable cooking: in the last two years in Europe 73% of consumers have changed their eating habits by adopting a Balanced diet and low environmental impact (source Kantar and Sial Paris).

Ravioli, as the packaging is good

by Elisa Poli

The gourmet kingdom is reinvented and designed with attention to the environment, with the sustainability which becomes a value and an engine of affection for brands: in purchases, in general, not only those related to the home, 68% of consumers say that sustainability is one of the criteria that most influences the decision to purchase (source Simon-Kucher) . The term sustainability has reached a large dimension, it is a concept that combines the commitment to guarantee the protection of the Planet, with its ecosystems and biodiversityintegrating the social themes of equality and inclusion, for growth that benefits all, a definition valid inside and outside the home.

The architecture of food according to chefs

by Elisa Poli

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