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Italy – Raspadori’s recipe: “Having fun on the pitch is the best way to regain enthusiasm”

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Italy – Raspadori’s recipe: “Having fun on the pitch is the best way to regain enthusiasm”

Can a class of 2000 already be a Coverciano regular? Yes, if he has the crystalline talent of Giacomo Raspadori, the one who is used to moving forward and who at twenty-two has already put a European title on the board. Thirteen appearances and three goals for the national team, surprisingly called up by Mancini for EURO 2020, little Jack has grown well, as evidenced by the 35 million euros invested this summer by Napoli to bring him on the field by Luciano Spalletti: “For the young person – his words at the press conference – I advise you not to limit yourself and to believe in your dreams”.

And speaking of dreams: “Every child’s dream is to play in the World Cup, it will be difficult not to be there. You have to start over and the best way to regain enthusiasm is to have fun on the pitch. Working is the only way I know to do something great again.” In the meantime, the first objective is to beat England and Hungary, trying to reach the Final Four of the Nations League for the second year in a row: “There is no worry, but the desire to do well. These are two important matches that come at a time when there are a lot of matches. You have to get there in the best possible way, especially from a physical point of view, and put in two good performances”.

The match against England evokes the sweet memory of the triumph at Wembley, an unforgettable European that Raspadori did not think he could live as a protagonist: “It was a great opportunity. I was lucky enough to join a special group, where I immediately felt part of it. And in my own little way I think I’ve done something important.” Flexibility is one of Raspadori’s best qualities and Mancini also pointed out yesterday that he can be used in multiple roles. But what is your favorite position on the pitch? : “I express myself best in the central area – he explains – in this way I can stay closer to the goal. I am more of an attacker than a finisher and I can also be both left and right winger. another striker by my side, maybe that’s better”.

After the success of the postponement with Milan, he arrived at Coverciano in the company of four other teammates of the club (Meret, Di Lorenzo, Zerbin and Politano, the latter forced to withdraw and already returned home), proof of the excellent start to season. Napoli first in the league table and full points in the Champions League group. He has already made a valuable contribution, unlocking the game against Spezia in the final and scoring his first Champions League goal with Rangers: “I’m very happy, I was trying to aspire to something bigger for my career. I am having a great time in Napoli, I joined a family with good people and I thank Mr. Spalletti and the club for wanting me. From Napoli, I would bring the national team the courage to take risks, play forward and be carefree about the game”. And in the list of thanks there is also a place for the club who launched him: “I was lucky to grow up in a club like Sassuolo, which gave me the opportunity to make mistakes. Being able to make mistakes is essential for a young person and led me to have more self-confidence”.

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