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Jessica Rosval’s Tola Dolza menu at Casa Maria Luigia

Tola Dolza is the Sunday feast of House Maria Luigia: a cosmopolitan meeting place, an ode to the atmosphere of the Emilian countryside which makes meeting at the table the sublime expression ofthe art of taking the right moment to savor life.

The Franciscan family welcomes guests with an aperitif in the garden of the villa, between the colors of the sunset reflected in the glasses and the live notes of a jazz orchestra that echo in the rarefied evening air. Then the fire brings everyone together: an element of deep strength, it regulates the time of cooking and service, penetrates the senses, awakens old memories and, at the same time, brings people together.

Jessica Risval, chef at Casa Maria Luigia, via Stradello Bonaghino 56, Modena

And it is precisely because of this power that Jessica Rosvalboss of House Maria Luigia, chose it as the theme of its menu, designed during the first confinement with the intention of returning to gather, in the open air and therefore in complete safety, through food. There’s no technology, just an oven, grill and smoker, plus the rejuvenating power of heat that draws people to a table, in true Italian style.

For some, this may seem like a throwback to this tradition perpetuated by the tales of grandmothers, memories of difficult years when food was scarce but abundant. the desire to meet at the table to enjoy it all together. In fact, this philosophy of “sharing”, which includes dishes with different tastings to be shared between the whole table, has never been so relevant and is becoming increasingly popular in trendy places, from the most informal bistros to starred .

Also for House Maria Luigia everything becomes sharing. The dishes are served for the whole table and everyone takes their portion according to the order and rhythm they prefer. No imposition, no rigidity even in the service, always precise and punctual but open to dialogue and to the story of some episode of the daily life of the Franciscan family.

The shared table

The shared table

A relaxed and engaging atmosphere of chat and good food that makes you feel at home.

And we come to taste. Soft textures and smoky notes make the flavors familiar. The sweetness just softened by a touch of acidity Ricotta, honey and chamomileis pure comfort for the palate and the soul.

Ricotta and Honey Maria Luigia and Chamomile

Ricotta and Honey Maria Luigia and Chamomile

Slow cooking, high temperatures, fresh ingredients and traditional recipes such as Modena pestoa spinach pie on lard, rosemary and parmesan pestobaked to release all the aromas then enriched with aromatic herbs from the garden.

Modena pesto, spinach pie on lard, rosemary and parmesan pesto

Modena pestospinach pie on lard, rosemary and parmesan pesto

Sea and Melon is a tribute to one of the most emblematic dishes of the Italian summer that has just passed. Scallops marinated in salt replace the ham and accompany the white melon, recovering the same sweetness and flavor of the traditional version. Fresh and informal, in this more refined variant, it fits perfectly into the whole philosophy of House Maria Luigia.

Sea and Melon, scallops marinated in salt, white melon and fennel, flavored with chilli oil

Sea and MelonScallops marinated in salt, white melon and fennel, flavored with chilli oil

And as at every table, even in this meeting there is no shortage of travel stories: with the Fassona Coastsmoked with cherry and oak wood, we walk along the A4 Serene which crosses northern Italy from Piedmont to Milan, where the traditional rose-shaped michetta is here kneaded with corn flour. As far as Veneto with a white version ofAlabama Sauce with horseradish, a succulent and intriguing dish: a stage of pure pleasure to be savored without reserve.

Bronte, Bronte pistachio crème caramel, pistachio tuile, pollen and maple syrup

BronteBronte pistachio crème caramel, pistachio tuile, pollen and maple syrup

Then again: Focaccia and summer herbs, Peach Sunflower, Cedar from North to South, Apricot and Bronte. Each dish celebrates this universal sensation of domestic warmth, which only flavors strongly rooted in the memory of memories can evoke.

Focaccia and summer herbs

Focaccia and summer herbs

Flavors that sprout an irresistible desire to come back and do something Maria Luigia House, place of daily experience.

Just as he thought Massimo Bottura in its original project: a villa in the Emilian countryside capable of becoming “your home away from home“.


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