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La Palta by Isa Mazzocchi: when the Province becomes a resource

Bwood it’s not even a country. It is a hamlet, immersed in the greenery of the Pleasure campaign, away from it all. In the morning, a white van honks to announce that the bread has arrived for the few remaining inhabitants. In short, a clear portrait of the Province of Italy, far from chaos and modernity. Slow and bright like a Sunday morning. The last place to create a restaurant, even more for a gourmet restaurant. This at least in common thought. Not for Isa Mazzucchellia chef member of Euro-Toques, for whom Bilegno is home and that with his La Palta has brought the Piacenza fraction to the haute cuisine map.

The dining room of the restaurant La Palta

La Palta, a family affair

The history of La Palta is that of the Mazzocchi family. A village trattoria has arrived in 2011 to obtain the Michelin star. The result of excellent teamwork. Because on the cover there is Isa and her journey: hospitality in Salsomaggiore, the meeting with Georges Cognyteacher and inspiration, the apprenticeship, the first recognitions and the return home, on October 1, 1989, with the birth of La Palta, crowned with the star and the delivery of the Michelin Woman Chef Awards 2021. But next to her there is Roberto Gazzolahusband and inspiration for the refined and interesting wine list, there are Monicasister and room manager, teacher to make the guest feel at home, and her husband Marco, valuable adviser. And then a united and curious brigade and a territory on which to draw abundantly.

The La Palta team with Trenta Editore La Palta by Isa Mazzocchi: when the Province becomes a resource

The La Palta team with Trenta Editore

The strength of the territory

Own the territory is, ultimately, the unstoppable force of La Palta. It is from the first impact. The road that leads to Bilegno allows you to enjoy unique colors and smells, which take you back in time. This is once the restaurant doors open. The cigarettes placed just above the coffee machine tell a past that has not been forgotten. The Mazzocchi family osteria, before becoming La Palta, was also a palta, a tobacco shop in the dialect of Plaisance, and still is today. The final seal then arrives in the main room, all glazed facing the garden and, a few steps further, on cultivated fields where you can lose your gaze. From table 8, the most coveted, you can take full advantage of this magic: the beauty of the room, the charm of the territory.

The room from another point of view.  After all, Tableau 8 La Palta by Isa Mazzocchi: when the Province becomes a resource

The room from another point of view. Below, Table 8

Province: not a limit, but a resource

Simply magnificent, but… it takes courage to build a project of this type here, in the heart of the Province. A limit or a resource? It is Isa who explains it. «I fell completely in this place – he explained – The Province has never been a limit for me. I have always believed in this place and in the desire to create something there. To do this, we had to enlarge, involve the whole territory, give it space and honor, put it on our plates. There were times when I thought it might be limiting, but I found the right balance and I really like the idea of ​​someone coming here to try something unique.”

Thirty-three years in a book

La Palta has therefore accomplished 33 years old on October 1 and to celebrate such a milestone, he decided to create a book with Trenta Editore, always keen to promote the culture of food. The result is “Isa”, a journey through 33 recipes told by the images of Fausto Mazza, photographer, needless to say, from Piacenza. “It is a project that marks important moments in our history – added Isa Mazzocchi – Made with all my people, the people dearest to me, who helped me choose the dishes. It would have been impossible for me to do this: every dish, even the least popular, is like a child“.

Isa Mazzocchi on the cover of his book La Palta d'Isa Mazzocchi: when the Province becomes a resource

Isa Mazzocchi on the cover of his book

Isa on the plate

The chef, however, had to choose on the occasion of the official presentation of the volume, creating an ad hoc menu in which to enclose all the essence of “Isa”. Result achieved, once again, in full. A targeted and coherent path. A test of territoriality, not as a fetish, but as a true valorization of excellence of a slice of Italy which has nothing to envy to the nobler realities. Opening, Coppa, Fried Anolini and Macaroon of pisarei and faso. Then, all in series, five appetizers to take your breath away. Cherry (liver mousse, covered with wild berries powder, parsley stalk and marjoram leaves), Val Tidone Batarò with tongue and arugula pesto, Escalope of goose foie gras in jujube broth, Meatballs of carp on liquid lettuce and potato and ketchup Porcino, egg and toma goat cheese. Honorable mention for Nostre Radici (horse rump, Gutturnio mayonnaise and garden roots), a real manifest dish from the kitchen of Isa Mazzocchi. Inaccessible. As a starter, Tagliolini with garlic, oil and chilli with beetroot and offal. In the second course, donkey peat with herbs, berries and wild flowers. In closing, the 33rd recipe, the novelty: Cassata with lemon, pollen ice cream and pannacotta with sunflower honey.

There is no need to add anything else.

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