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Lagrein and Chioggia radicchio, a game of contrasts to try!

Vitigno indigenous to Trentino Alto Adige, the Lagrein it has been cultivated in the mountains of the Dolomites since the 15th century where it has adapted perfectly. Over the centuries, this variety has given rise to two different biotypes due to the different shape and size of the bunch: Lagrein with short bunch and Lagrein with long bunch. From the selection of the best Lagrein short bunch vineyards grown along the Adige Valley, a rich and powerful red is produced: Castel Firmian Lagrein Riserva Trentino Doc.

Wine with a strong personality on the palate, very versatile due to its great balance and harmony, it expresses itself best with rich and spicy preparations based on cold cuts and aged cheeses up to main courses of grilled meat, such as “Pork tenderloin with Chioggia radicchio flavored with Lagrein, served on a gorgonzola fondue”, A complex and structured dish that rewards flavors and contrasts with a wide bouquet of aromas and sensations.

Castel Firmian Lagrein Riserva with “Tenderloin of pork with Chioggia chicory shaded by Lagrein, served on a gorgonzola fondue”

The radicchio di Chioggia, famous and appreciated for its intriguing flavor in the kitchen and its characteristic bitter tendency, goes well with the prolonged aging in barrels and the well-known sweetness of Lagrein. Also the “peppery” and the finesse of the meat are important, which amplifies the pleasantly spicy and elegant tertiary notes of the wine. How to satisfy the complexity and the persistence of the combination? The choice of gorgonzola in this gourmet and rich fondue gives us an enveloping and intense taste, constantly renewed by the balanced acidity of the wine which renews and cleanses the palate with each sip, amplifying the harmony of the combination.

The good life

Pork tenderloin with Chioggia radicchio flavored with Lagrein, served with gorgonzola fondue

Recipe by chef Stefano Goller, president of the Association of Chefs of Trentino

Ingredients for 4 persons) : 600 g pork tenderloin, 180 g Chioggia radicchio, 160 g gorgonzola fondue, 80 g meat sauce, 50 g Lagrein wine, 20 g chopped parsley, 15 g rosemary, olive oil with taste, salt and ground pepper to taste

For the gorgonzola fondue: 100 g milk, 80 g gorgonzola, 15 g local butter, 10 g white flour, salt and ground pepper to taste

Preparation: first, clean and cut the fillet into medallions, grease them and season with salt and ground pepper. Preheat a sauté pan and place the pork medallions with a sprig of rosemary, brown them on both sides; add the chicory, washed and cut into julienne strips and leave to dry, mix with the Lagrein wine and leave to evaporate; add the sauce to the meat and continue cooking, finally add the chopped parsley. Prepare the gorgonzola fondue by putting the milk in a saucepan and bringing it to the boil; in another saucepan, melt the local butter, then add the flour and cook for a few minutes. Add the roux to the boiling milk and cook for another five minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat, add the gorgonzola in small pieces, season with salt and ground pepper and stir until the gorgonzola is completely melted. At this stage, in the chosen dishes, make a pod of stewed radicchio, place the pork tenderloins on top, drizzle them with Lagrein sauce, finally add the gorgonzola fondue and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

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