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Lidl and Esselunga, the same pen manufacturer, but different products

A reader he writes to us that he noticed a curious thing in the packets of mushroom pasta in sachets offered by two very popular supermarkets (long S And lidl).

long S has long marketed “penne with porcini mushrooms” under its own brand and Lidl, more modestly, “penne with porcini mushrooms” under the Kania brand. Now, as you can see from the attached photos, the envelopes have: the same size, the same quantities, not exactly the same cooking instructions and the same name as far as the manufacturer Firma Italia is concerned. In my opinion, the ones from Esselunga taste and look better than the ones from Lidl. This is also possible because the list of ingredients and the nutritional values ​​of the two products are a little different. But that’s not the point I want to stress. The thing that gives me some doubts is the indication on the final destination of the product packaging. Esselunga refers to the bag of unsorted waste, while Lidl identifies plastic collection as that suitable for the container of their Kania product. A lab analysis is beyond my abilities/competence, but to the touch it smells of the exact same material and I’d say it’s plastic. Do you have an answer?


Esselunga and Lidl mushroom penne are produced by the same company but the recipes are different

These are two different types of packaging, as can be seen in the images of the environmental label of each product, which also describes the type of film used, according to EC Dec. 97/129:

  • on the Esselunga packaging we find C/LDPE 90: it is a multilayer film with a predominance of plastic (LDPE), but also containing aluminium;
  • on the LIDL packaging there are 7 of them: it is a multilayer film, composed only of plastics of a different nature.
    The indications on the differentiated collection of the product of Esselunga and Lidl are different because the materials are different

Accordingly, the relative fate of “unsorted / plastic” household waste has been indicated. To give fullness to consumer demand, which testifies to a sensitivity to environmental issues, I would like to point out that in recent years we have worked a lot on packaging, in order to be able to offer increasingly sustainable packaging, with the same product quality and shelf life. We are also changing the film type to Esselunga, which will have the same material as Lil and can be thrown at home in plastic.

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