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Lorenzo Careggio arrives in the kitchens of the Rocca di Arignano

Lat Arignano Fortress, in the province of Turin, has a new name in the kitchen. A new guide. It’s that of Chef Lorenzo Careggioclass of 1983, born in Casablanca of Piedmontese origin, who in recent years has taken his steps in the city of Turin and who from his province has decided to embark on a new path of growth and development of a cuisine that wants become living matter.

“The Rocca di Arignano project struck me from the first day I saw it and I believe that it has all the references to make it talk about it more than it already does now – emphasized the cook – I don’t see the time to start my adventure in this one reality so particular and so exclusive in the Turin gastronomic scene”.

Lorenzo Careggio

Taste and material in the dish

The choice of Lorenzo Careggio by Luca Veronelli and Elsa Panini, owners of the Rocca di Arignano, it was natural. “There was an immediate agreement with Lorenzo. We were immediately struck by his dynamic spirit. We immediately thought he was the right person for inherit Fabio Sgrò’s batonwhom we thank enormously for his work, ”they explained.

The good life

The culinary philosophy that he will bring to the restaurant La Locanda della Rocca and to the events in which he will participate at home and abroad will have a precise stylistic code. The search for ancient recipes and traditions will be the basis of the study of contemporary dishes, which do not neglect the notions of taste and substance.

Luca Veronelli and Elsa Panini with their children Lorenzo Careggio arrive in the kitchens of the Rocca di Arignano

Luca Veronelli and Elsa Panini with their children

The support of Ugo Alciati

In the menu proposal, the precious will always be present support from consultant Ugo Alciati, a Michelin-starred chef for whom Lorenzo Careggio has great esteem. “I met Ugo and I consider him to be a great professional, a person with whom we can talk freely and with whom I immediately felt comfortable talking about cooking. His presence will be very important, also because of the experience he has acquired in the events, which here will grow more and more”, added Careggio.

It starts October 1

In the idea of simple, immediate cooking without excessive superstructures proposed by the new chef, the role played by fish, only fresh water for the geographical context, and by local products will be important. The first menu signed by chef Lorenzo Careggio will be presented Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Rocca di Arignano Lorenzo Careggio arrives in the kitchens of the Rocca di Arignano

Arignano Fortress

Who is Lorenzo Careggio?

Born in 1983 in Casablanca, Lorenzo Careggio grew up among the flavors of his grandmother’s cuisine and among those of Piedmont, France and Morocco. He studied engineering but his dream was to become a cook and so at 28 he dropped out to start doing what he really loves. After attending the Association of Chefs of Turin and subsequent experiences in some restaurants in the city, four years later he enrolled in the Niko Romito Academy. Here he has the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest masters of contemporary haute cuisine, with whom he manages to accumulate experiences in Rome, Milan and Castel di Sangro, respectively at Spazio Niko Romito and Reale 3 Michelin stars in Casadonna. It coincides with his return to Turin the start of the experience at the Carignano restaurant, where Lorenzo will stay for a year and a half, a precise historical period in which the Turin brand was awarded the Michelin star. 2018 is the year he decides to take on the role of Executive Chef for the first time. With his associates, he opens Eragoffi, a restaurant that will be part of the Michelin Guide a few years later. With the opening of other places in the city, thanks to his global vision, Lorenzo is able to fully take care of all the restaurants of the group, which he will continue to follow as an investing partner.

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