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“Lumpum tax extended to 100 thousand euros, tax peace and no housing tax” – Il Tempo

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Flat tax, removal of tax bills and no taxes on the house. The centre-right’s economic recipe is ready and Matteo Salvini delivers the program for the Northern League and the coalition during the “Flat tax and fiscal peace” event in Milan, on the eve of the Pontida rally. Claiming that it was “thanks to the League in government” that “we avoided the increase in the tax on the house, a blow that we did not need”, the secretary of the Carroccio explains that “the drop in tax is not a right, but a duty “of those who govern. And there is only one way to achieve this: the flat tax. “Thanks to the League”, recalls Salvini, the flat tax “is a reality for two million VAT numbers which only pay 15% tax”. Speaking at the Milan event, entitled “I believe in flat tax”, the leader of the Northern League explains: “Our project is to extend this simple, easy and flat tax also to employees, pensioners and families, obviously starting with those who earn less and with a maximum ceiling of 70 thousand euros gross per year, so it is not for millionaires, but for families who bring in 40 to 50 thousand euros gross and who today pay a blunder. The flat tax is a question of civility, the State collects more, pays less, but everyone pays”, adds the secretary of via Bellerio, who remarks: “The flat tax is the only way to fight tax evasion. Lowering taxes is the only way to fight tax evasion. It’s not having to pay for coffee with an ATM.” “From the beginning, during the first Council of ministers, the ceiling for self-employed workers can be raised from 65,000 to 100 000 euros per year, which will allow people to work, earn and pay more”, promises Salvini.

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The program also includes pension reform with the definitive overcoming of the Fornero law with Quota 41 and the abolition of Imu in municipalities with less than three thousand inhabitants. Don’t miss a thumbs up for Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “I don’t have time to attend his classes. I think it is legitimate, there is still no article of the Constitution which requires it. For my part, relations with him have always been correct. Besides puppet talk, I hope Draghi finds the time to find more money to help Italians pay their bills, because I don’t know if he understands the national emergency we are facing.” Energy bills already. Salvini points out that “in Europe, we cannot depend on Germany’s mood: the gas price cap that Draghi has been asking for for weeks will not be there because someone does not want it. There is an EU that is too unbalanced in the North and everything is played out between Paris and Berlin. The Mediterranean can once again become a great sea of ​​wealth, peace and encounter between peoples. We cannot pursue only the micro countries of the North which have different needs from ours. An axis between France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta will be fundamental. We cannot depend on the moods of Berlin”. The theme is how to find resources to help families and businesses. For days, Salvini has been asking for a new budget gap to align 30 billion euros. On the new debt, however, Giorgia Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi are against. “They want us to be quarrelsome. With Giorgia and Silvio we are not going to quarrel and for five years we have been rowing in the same direction”, however assures Salvini who points out: “The center-right is united, compact. We have a common program. Then we are four different subjects with different cultures who have chosen to work together. We are destined to win and reign together for at least five years. I can’t wait for September 25 to arrive”.

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As for the program, each party has its own priorities. “For us – says the secretary of the Carroccio – autonomy comes first. We need to invest money now to help people pay their bills, because that’s good debt. Nuclear is the greenest, cheapest and safest energy source of the future”. But “the program is 99% common, so it will be the reality that will force the new government, if Draghi does not want it, to intervene on the bills”. Giorgia Meloni also throws water on the fire and underlines coalition unity on the agenda. “With Salvini and Berlusconi there will be no problems. I will govern with the center-right – says the president of the Brothers of Italy who excludes new broad agreements – The Constitution does not establish that the Democratic Party must necessarily be in government”.


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