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Mango: 8 sweet and savory recipes with this fruit to try

Cut into thin slices or small pieces, in the form of a sauce or chutney, the mango It is one of exotic fruits the most used in the preparation of summer recipes, both sweet and savory. Its softness and its juicy but at the same time firm and compact pulp make it the perfect ingredient to make fresh salads, fish and dried fruit main courses or thirst-quenching smoothies and milkshakes. In short, the opportunities to bring to the table all the benefits of a tasty and thirst-quenching fruit like the mango are certainly not lacking: you just need to know the best combinations and you’re done. here then 8 recipes to enjoy all the benefits of this exotic fruit.

  1. Mango ice cream. Perfect for the summer, to prepare in advance and to serve on the occasion of a outdoor snack or at the end of a having dinner as a fresh dessert. The Mango ice cream is very easy to make: you will need very few ingredients (condensed milk and cream, in addition to the mango of course) and you can personalize it by flavoring it with, for example, vanilla or the fresh mint.
  2. Exotic caprese. A revisited classic of Italian cuisine in an exotic tone thanks to the replacement of the tomato by the mango and the Papaya. The sweetness of the fruit blends perfectly with the flavor of the mozzarella cheesemaking the dish balanced and fresh: ideal for a lunch light or a aperitif easy and quick.
  3. Mango Cheesecake. This variant of the classic cheesecake will quickly become your beast of burden whenever you want to offer an original and spectacular dessert. Proceed according to the traditional recipe, making a base of crumbled butter biscuits and a creamy cream cheese base. Complete your cheesecake by spreading a layer of mango puree on the surface, or alternatively, a few slices arranged in a geometric or imaginative way.
  4. Mango spiced rice cake. A typical thai recipe which sees the use of all quintessential exotic ingredients, including mango, coconut And rice. Cook the latter in coconut milk, flavored with a pinch of cinnamon and some Clove and top with slices of fresh mango.
  5. Mango and pineapple chutney. sauce typical of indian cuisine from sweet and sour tasteperfect to accompany main dishes based on meat, fish or cheesechutney is usually prepared with a mix of fruits or vegetables and cooks long and slow. As a result, you should obtain a creamy consistency but not too much, with small pieces recognizable when tasting. Choose a mango that is not too ripe so that it does not crumble when cooked.
  6. Pieces of salmon with mango salad. A second dish light and delicious to enjoy on hot summer days. Prepare your bites Salmon and let them flavor by marinating them for a few minutes in their sauce. As a base, prepare a bed of salad with thin slices of mango. Enrich everything with the leaves of dillor alternatively, with parsley and dried fruit.
  7. Sea bass tartare with avocado and mango. A fresh lemon-based emulsion to marinate yours european bass in order to obtain a pleasant and slightly acidic flavor. To balance the sweetness of mango and the neutral, slightly salty flavor of avocado. The result will be a single dish to be used several times, from aperitif to aperitif
  8. Shrimp poké. The presence of exotic fruits is inevitable in the preparation of one of the great culinary trends of the moment, the thrust. A rice background (from sushi) seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar and salt, to be completed with a protein part – in this case, prawns – and enriched with an exotic touch brought by a diced fresh mango.

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