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Marketing, empathy and big data: Nicolaus-Valtur’s recipe

October 11


by Andrea Lovelock
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Tour operators like Nicolas-Valtur have surfed the wave of progress in the digital domain by introducing advanced marketing strategies and tools. For Sara Prontera, marketing director of the group based in Ostuni, these are crucial issues. And it is she who anticipates certain strategic lines, the result of close collaboration with Make science Italy, technology consulting and digital marketing company specializing ine-commercewhich has been supporting the Italians for years in data management.

Today we talk a lot about empathetic marketing – Prontera begins – Even in tourism, today, we have become aware of the profound difference between content marketing, which essentially talks about the company, its positioning, and empathy marketing, which is aimed rather directly tospectators and works on its needs, trying to develop content – in fact – in an empathetic way. In the case of organized tourism, we are talking about a product with a strong emotional charge. A type of purchase that comes up often agree with the whole family. In our marketing, we have therefore associated two concepts: the human contact (human touch) in the relationship, and therefore the centrality of the travel agency, is one digital infrastructure appropriate”.

Prontera then focused on market news, with a scenario completely transformed in a few months, with the irruption of new variables such as war in ukrainethe energy crisis, inflation, with uncertainties tourism spending: “In such a context, a greater awareness of spending has been triggered among consumers. Remember that the party is now a primary good, even a act of revenge, and there is a very strong demand. Today, therefore, we are no longer afraid to pay, but there is a greater awareness of vacation value. The volume of requests has increased and is getting stronger and stronger. Moreover, the range of “tourist demand” has widened considerably: family holidays are in demand, sustainable, smart, no frills. The tour operator is called upon to structure its offer in good time towards a increasingly aware consumer for each of these questions. And that is what the Nicolaus-Valtur group does. We realized that now the kind of flat vacationtransversal, it works less and less and you have to structure more and more with different formats, different prices”.

From there, Prontera anticipates the movements that the Group intends to undertake for the next season“We are working a lot on the offer segmented with new product lines: from premium smart vacations to no-frills vacations (see brand Turquoise), while for the lifestyle segment we can take full advantage of a brand like Valtur”.

And speaking of Valuethe manager emphasizes: “It was a nice challenge because, while the consumer had no negative legacy or memory of the brand, the agency channel was burned. With the adv, we had to start a process of regain confidence and in this the seriousness acquired by Nicolaus in the field during many years of activity has been very useful; we actually bring it back to life status symbol linked to Valtur”.

Prontera then addressed the issue of Distribution of the product: “We work on integrated platforms, mainly the one digital for adv who must tell and disseminate our offer and be able to respond quickly and efficiently to the questions of our common customer. We will be able to provide our partners with rapid and targeted responses”.

And about the dangers of a big data abuse or advanced digitalization, the manager has no doubt: “To is the perfect player in the use of data which in this sector are of at least three types: the tourist flow by product; the volume of facility requests; and finally the client’s audience, on their movements, their habits and their desires. The operator is the ideal subject for systematize this data and present the right product, to the right customer, through the most appropriate channel. This is why today a targeted investment is that of technological infrastructures. Of course, with a large volume of data, you might get overwhelmed. But here you have to know how to identify only the four/five data sets that are necessary. And the game is done“.

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